Jessie Stewart


Something of a social anthropologist, Jessie's love of people, cultures and languages sets her apart in an industry that’s very much in the market of people-pleasing. 

The ability to connect so effortlessly with people is something she cultivated working in the family business from 13 to 21 while studying. Being exposed to a customer service focused industry from such a young age, Jessie mastered impeccable communication skills and the ability to implement innovative concepts to improve the customer experience.

Her comprehensive knowledge of the sales process combined with an approachable, friendly nature allows Jessie to quickly create an honest platform with clients and team members, ensuring sincere communication from pre-marketing all the way through to settlement day. 

Beginning with the team as Client-Care in 2015 helped Jessie to develop outstanding skills, which laid the foundations before evolving into the role as Campaign Manager in 2017. After a successful 18 months as Campaign Manager, Jessie now holds the much cherished role as Director of Operations within the busy and demanding Ray White Frankston sales team.

Assistant to Director Ashley Weston, as well as overseeing the operations of the sales business, Jessie's aim as always, is to continue to further refine the team's processes, provide additional support and motivation to ensure that the best systems and resources are available for her team to utilise to succeed in their individual businesses and collectively, and for their clients to receive the best customer experience possible.

A resident of Frankston, in between playing guitar, painting and reading, Jessie is an avid Boston Red Sox fan and nature lover.