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6 Ways to maximise space under your kitchen sink

By Rachel Wallace

Acting as the home’s hub where meals and stories are most often shared, the kitchen naturally begins to show signs of its frequent use in the form of clutter.

Attempts to tidy up usually focus on the benchtops, while the less-visible areas can become neglected. This is especially the case with the space beneath the kitchen sink, which transforms into the headquarters for dishwashing paraphernalia, grocery bags, and cleaning supplies.

From conventional to creative, we’ve gathered our favourite under-the-sink storage ideas to organise your kitchen and promote balance in your space and mind.


Before you begin buying or building some under-sink storage for your kitchen, take all of your current items out to see what you’re working with. This is the perfect opportunity to do a stocktake of unnecessary or expired belongings to discard, and combine half-empty boxes of identical items such as gloves or dishwashing tabs.

Take the time to give your cabinet a thorough clean, vacuum any stray dishwashing powder, and wipe up spills. Then, determine the needs of the items you’ll be storing — it would be helpful to take note of their quantity, height, and widths.

Finally, measure the space under the sink itself while considering the location of any pipes. This is essential to give you the correct dimensions for under-sink drawers or another form of kitchen sink organiser.

Then, the following kitchen sink ideas can either be used individually or together for the ultimate space-saving solution:



Reaching into the depths of your cupboard can be a frustrating task, especially when you knock everything over before getting to the product you need.

A turntable, or ‘Lazy Susan’, is one of the best under-the-sink storage ideas for your cleaning supplies. Simply place your bottles on top, and then rotate it to quickly grab exactly what you’re after.

If you don’t have enough space for a Lazy Susan, add tension rods across the top of the cupboard instead to hang your spray bottles by the handle. This maximises the space below for larger, heavier items or shelves, and is an easy kitchen makeover for renters since it can be removed.


Image by Woods and Ivory

As far as under kitchen sink storage ideas go, baskets are extremely versatile and affordable.

Since they’re open at the top, you can easily fit cleaning supplies of varying heights and sizes. There’s also a style to suit everyone, whether you prefer the look of wire, plastic, or even a weaved material (just be careful not to get natural fibres wet!).

Baskets are readily available in a range of dimensions, so you can squeeze them in beneath your sink no matter how much space you’re working with.


Image by Kara Layne

Plastic or glass containers are ideal for organising a number of common items under the sink, from dishwashing tablets to gloves and sponges.

Matching containers, shelves, or drawers that can be stacked allow for the most efficient use of space, and can be quickly accessed when labelled with their contents.

Go one step further by carefully transferring your bottled products, such as dishwashing liquid or hand soap, into labelled, eco-friendly glass bottles.


Image by SHVETS production

If your rubbish bin lives under the kitchen sink, it makes sense to also store garbage bags nearby to make taking out the trash a seamless process. However, these bag rolls take up quite a bit of space in your cupboard and can be a pain to tear off.

This is where a paper towel holder can be surprisingly versatile, with its function extending beyond simply keeping your paper towel or hand towels within easy reach. If you’re wondering, “How do I maximise the space under my sink?”, install one of these on the inside of your cabinet to give your garbage bag rolls a more convenient place to live.

Another method to organise your garbage under the kitchen sink is to mount your bin on a gliding base. It can then be effortlessly pulled out whenever needed, which will keep the area much cleaner and reduce the risk of unruly aim.


While the base of your cupboard appears to be the most obvious storage space, the walls within are also prime real estate for under-sink storage.

Towel hooks can double as aesthetic and functional features for hanging dish rags, hand towels, and cleaning tools. Install them on the cabinet walls or inner doors, depending on the installation requirements of your chosen product.

This is the perfect addition to create more space below for larger items, or those that need to stand upright to avoid leaking.


Image by ZUMI Lighting

Now you’ve managed to organise under the kitchen sink, you may realise it’s difficult for your kitchen lighting to reach all corners of your cabinets.

This is where LEDs come to the rescue — add adhesive strip lighting along the top edges to illuminate this space so you have a clear view of everything you have on hand.

Aside from these organisation ideas, bear in mind it’s best to always keep potentially harmful chemicals towards the back of your cupboard. This means they’re less likely to be reached by children or pets, keeping everyone safe.


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