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8 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Showers All Year Round

By Rachel Wallace
Outdoor showers celebrate the natural world without straying far from home. It inspires the childlike joy of playing and being immersed in the rain, but in a controlled environment. It’s the fresh, familiar water of a regular shower, heightened by the vibrancy of the elements — eliciting a certain thrill that will keep you invigorated with every use.

An outdoor shower gives your exterior spaces a touch of extravagance, illuminating what’s possible for your home. Aside from enjoying the sun’s rays or the wind’s whirls, there are numerous reasons why an outside shower is a practical addition to your home.


Sun, surf and sand: the foundations of an excellent day at the beach. Not so great inside the home. Namely, the sand component. We’ve all shuddered in repulsion at the gritty texture under our feet or experienced an unsolicited body exfoliation when jumping into a sandy bed.

An extra step to ensure that the ocean’s granules steer clear of the indoors is by rinsing under an outdoor shower head before entering the home. You can get the sand off your feet, boards or even beach cricket set with ease.


Our furry friends often find the realm of dirt, mud, and grime a comfortable place. After a walk, they carry the waste of the world on their coat, which isn’t very compatible with the homes we aim to keep clean. Installing an outside shower could certainly circumvent this issue.

Being able to wash your pets in the comfort of your backyard prevents mess from tracking into the home. As an outdoor shower is generally more open-plan in dimension, it makes cleaning your excitable, energetic pets much more manageable. They can dry off in the sun and enter the home in a presentable manner.


Don’t have a pool but still want to give the kids some fun? An outdoor shower could be a cheaper alternative. Ensuring that children get to play outside is pertinent for their development. Especially in this current world, there can be apprehension when sourcing safe ways to let kids enjoy the outdoors. But a backyard is a secure space and often the setting for positive lifelong memories.

Playing under the stream of an outdoor shower head allows them to indulge in the sensation of water, providing a beneficial tactile experience. Or, if they’ve been making mud pies lately, it’s an excellent fixture to help clean them off before they head inside.


Many of us have had to transition to working from home in recent times, challenging our abode’s ability to provide respite from the day. This can cause mental fatigue and an overwhelming desire to get outside. At the end of an indoor stint, take some time for yourself with a quick refresh under an outdoor shower fitting.

It promotes a sense of luxury, mimicking the repose of a day at the spa. Being in or near water triggers a neurological response that increases blood flow to the brain, promoting calmness. This is why sometimes taking a shower can be the most comforting part of our day. Couple that with being outside, and you have a recipe for relaxation.


For those with a pool, you understand the entertainment appeal that it brings. It’s certainly a large commitment, but in the end, the upkeep is worth it. Part of the maintenance is ensuring that the water is chlorinated, which defends against bacteria and mould growth.

After splashing around, it is advised that you should wash off any pool water. Too much chlorine exposure can mildly irritate the skin. With an outdoor pool shower, you can cleanse off any chlorine — just make sure to use soap as well.


Whether you’re a nature novice or a seasoned green thumb, gardening is a rewarding practice that grows our relationship with the outdoors. It allows us to become more in tune with the needs of plants, providing endless educational opportunities.

The reality of gardening is that it’s quite a messy activity, but you can wash yourself or any equipment off with a close-by garden shower. While you’re rinsing, place some pot plants under the outdoor shower head so they can get a quick drink too.


If you’ve been for a jog in the sweltering heat, reward your exertions under a cold outside shower. The convenience of having it on the exterior of your home means you can regulate your body’s temperature immediately after any outdoor activity.

Wash your face, air out your clothes, and relish in the sounds of nature before taking time to relax inside.


Unique features are what makes a home feel special. And an outdoor shower fitting guarantees an exciting point of difference. It’s an item that has traditionally been inside, challenging and expanding the norms for exterior design.

Vastly advanced from the old rigs used in beach shacks, modern-day outdoor showers like our Sola is constructed from exceptionally durable 316 stainless steel — so you can enjoy the world long into the future.


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