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From bedroom to ‘retreat’: Why buyers are obsessed with this real estate buzzword

By Rachel Wallace

With a growing focus on wellness, bedrooms are no longer just a place to sleep — they’re our private sanctuaries.

Aussies love where they live. With people staying home more than ever, spaces are increasingly being designed with well-being in mind.

The bedroom is an area where this trend is really starting to shine explains stylist Catherine Hegarty.

No longer are they simply a space to sleep, they’re increasingly being reimagined as a more holistic personal retreat.

“Bedrooms have become a place to relax and rejuvenate,” Hegarty explains.

“It’s the one place in the whole house where you can escape from everyday life.

“Whether it be escaping from work or family, a bedroom styled to suit your personal needs can help you shut out the noise, help you recharge and get ready for the next day.”

Rise and shine

Aussies haven’t just been rethinking how we use our bedrooms, we’re also considering how many we need!

Anne Flaherty, economist, says property searches for three- and four-bedroom homes are the most common. Meanwhile, searches for five-bedroom residences are also on the rise.

“At the same time, there has been a drop in searches for one- to two-bedroom apartments,” Flaherty adds. “Basically, after covid, people see value in having more bedrooms and more living space.”

It’s not just about how many bedrooms, it’s also about how you use them! Picture: Caroline McCredie

This is coupled with a rise in demand for ensuites. Flaherty says ‘ensuite’ is the fifth most included keyword nationally among those looking to buy properties on, showing people are increasingly lusting after more multifaceted bedrooms.

Retreat style

Bedrooms up the hideaway ante when they emphasise being calm and cosy, according to Hegarty.

People can achieve a retreat vibe in any size room on any budget with a little bit of creative thinking, she says.

What’s your style? Picture: Caroline McCredie

“You’ll want to use muted paint colours and window treatments so you can soften the daylight or control your light at night,” Hegarty shares.

“Also, pick an interior style that speaks to you, that you’ll be proud of and look forward to going to.”

Bigger spaces and bigger budgets will obviously offer the opportunity to add lux features like walk-in robes and sitting nooks.

Golden slumbers

Obviously, one of the main hero features of a bedroom haven is furniture. You’ll want to consider the latest in luxury bedroom ware.

Think luxurytufted and upholstered bedheads for a more opulent look, or if earthy is more your style check out the timber beds.

Hegarty recommends choosing a frame that will make a stunning centrepiece but one that also fits the space.

“We all like the idea of a king-sized bed, but you don’t want it to feel squeezed or tight when you navigate around the space,” she explains. “You need a minimum of 800mm around your bed to move comfortably.”

You’ll also want a mattress that’s perfect for your sleeping personal preferences and needs. Head into your local Snooze store and speak to one of its specially trained store members to help you choose a mattress better suited for you.

Plus, you can also take this handy mattress quiz online to find out if you prefer a firm, medium or plush mattress.

The final key to landing timeless style in your bedroom retreat is to match your furniture and furnishings.

A holistic style will go a long way to helping you relax. Picture: Caroline McCredie

Snooze has bedroom furniture range offers sets in luxury, classic, contemporary and natural styles, so you won’t have any trouble finding perfectly matching bedside tables, tallboys and drawers.

To finish the room off, try using linen sheets, decorative throws, cushions with different patterns, and a rug to match.

These will add layered softness helping you nail that pampered retreat feeling.


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