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How To Choose A Property Photographer

By Rebecca Richmond

Did you know that buyers are 60% more likely to view homes online when they have been photographed by a professional?

As the first thing a potential buyer sees of your house, a professional photo can make or break a buyer’s interest. Given the extent to which the photos are used for marketing on signboards, advertisements and flyers/brochures, it’s never been more important to choose the right photographer and prepare properly to get the most out of a photo shoot,  so here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Think about the type of photography you want

  • Daytime photography suits all types of homes
  • Houses with pools and outdoor lighting really shine with dusk photography

For larger homes with attractive gardens, elevated photography (taken from 20 metres) is ideal, while aerial photography is perfect for substantial properties or acreages. If unsure, your photographer can advise on what will work best.

Remember cheapest is not always best

Everyone wants to keep costs down, but beware photographers offering bargain prices – they generally won’t be as skilled as a professional, and might cut corners by forgoing the use of wide-angle lenses, tripods or studio lighting, or offering poor or no retouching.

The last thing you want is to have to find and pay another photographer if you’re not happy with the first!

Some things to ask your photographer

Are they trained? Do they use professional equipment?
A professional will be trained and highly experienced, and use a professional camera, wide angle lenses and studio lights.

How good is their retouching?
Your photographer should also offer professional retouching, ensuring images are evenly lit inside and out, and enhancing brightness and colours. They should also be able to make pools or water bluer, green lawns, superimpose property boundaries, ‘turn on’ lights and fires or even empty entire rooms.

Can they offer other marketing tools?
These days buyers want to see as much information as possible on a property, such as virtual tours, floor plans or virtual furniture. If the photographer can’t offer such extras, can they refer you to a reliable supplier?

What’s the turnaround time and how will the images be delivered?
Make sure you’ll get easy access to your photos (images sent via email or an online link for downloading are ideal) and that they will be ready in time for any advertising deadlines.

Preparation makes perfect

Talk to your photographer before the shoot about your home’s highlights; what attracted you to it, what time of day does it look best etc, help your photographer understand what you want from the shoot. Remember that decluttering and depersonalising your home makes it more appealing to buyers; ask your photographer for extra tips if needed.

Bear in mind that asking for telegraph poles or the neighbour’s house to be retouched out of the photos might be illegal! Check the rules with your state’s Office of Fair Trading.

In conclusion…

Professional photos are invaluable if you want a jaw-dropping campaign that attracts more buyers and helps secure a higher price – reason enough to go pro for your next marketing campaign

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