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Is bigger better when it comes to the main bedroom?

By Rachel Wallace

Remember when “mum and dad’s room” used to consist of a double bed and a couple of bedside tables? Boy oh boy, have things changed. If kitchens sell houses, master bedrooms must sell the dream of a perfect marriage.

Whenever I see these ultra-luxe master suites, I fantasise about what might be …  peace, tranquillity and calm. A gentle wake-up with soft dappled light from the windows, a thoughtful and interesting conversation with my husband as he brings me a cup of tea. An hour perusing the day’s news from the comfort of my own sofa. A luxurious shower in day-spa-like facilities and then leisurely getting dressed in my own private dressing room … I’m sold.

Gian and Steph with Alice Stolz, who would quite liked to move into their master suite.

I see a lot of master suites in my line of work, but truly, no one seems to do them quite likeThe BlockSteph and Gian had me the second I walked into their master room. I already know which of my clothes will go where in the extraordinarily opulent walk-in wardrobe –  and I’ve dibbed the right-hand side of the bed!

This whole space is just epically divine and feels like it could be in some ultra-luxe warehouse in SoHo, New York.

SoHo or Hampton East? Steph and Gian’s luxurious master suite.

Steph and Gian have completely completely reconciled how to appropriately fill a room this size. So much so, this may well seduce the most affluent buyers from nearby prestige areas such as Brighton.

My only concern? They spent a cool $44,064. But hey, I guess with 37 square metres of space, it probably works out to be not bad value in the scheme of things. And it may pay off for the pair: according to Domain data, houses with a walk-in wardrobe have a median price $39,000 higher than houses that don’t, and they spend, on average, 8 days less on the market.

Heading next door, and I think we’re really seeing just how terrific and generous the floor plan of Eliza and Liberty’s house is.

Ignore the unfinished paint work and Eliza and Liberty’s master suite is beautiful.

The size and configuration of their walk-in wardrobe and master bedroom are great (except for the awkward window).

I don’t personally see the need for a fireplace in the bedroom, but I guess it’s not harming anyone – except if you have a curious toddler who wants to touch it.

Their walk-in wardrobe is brilliant and the level of storage is sky-high. I have an issue with the fact that all the houses have dressing tables – I just don’t think they’re relevant and necessary in homes today, when the bathrooms are so good and natural light is in abundance.

Let there be light: Kristy and Brett’s master has copious amounts of natural (and electric) light

Kristy and Brett’s master feels spacious and you are literally bathed in natural light – it is airy and calming.

Some will love the warming effect of the Venetian plaster, but I can take or leave it. The room feels a bit too empty for my liking, and a pet peeve of mine is too many lights – do a lighting plan please, people!

The scalloped ceiling in Leah and Ash’s master suite makes it feel almost cocoon-like.

I really love some of the ideas in Leah and Ash’s room. The scalloped ceiling feels architectural and something magical happens acoustically – it’s cosy and warm yet still grown up. And I love a bench seat, although I think it should have had a much stronger and louder fabric choice.

The colours of the walk-in wardrobe will not be to everybody’s taste, but it’s memorable and distinctive and there will most likely be buyers who may reward that bravery.

Kyle and Leslie’s master room ticks a lot of boxes but needs a few further tweaks.

And finally, Kyle and Leslie … the high ceiling is sublime but with the rest of the space, I feel like these two got a bit lost this week.

The LED light, the arch, the narrow walk-in wardrobe (any parent knows that no matter how much you want to get dressed alone, there will always be children underfoot). I don’t think the little nook off their room is a disaster, but it needs to be styled correctly.

Whichever way you cut it, the humble parent’s room has certainly had a glow-up. Who knows if a space that is so opulent and luxe will be good for your marriage but hey, there’s no harm in trying.

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