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Is this ‘The Block’s’ most expensive kitchen ever? What you can get for $250,000

By Rachel Wallace

While money can’t buy happiness, a $250,000 kitchen at the heart of your home could definitely put you off to a winning start. And for The Block contestants Omar and Oz, it might just be the room that sells their home.

The boys secured the major kitchen upgrade from Winning Appliances when they took out the win in Main Bathroom Week. After spending over $30,000 from their allocated budget, this makes Omar and Oz’s the most expensive kitchen ever executed on The Block, coming in at a whopping $280,000Jimmy and Tam come in a distant second with the $120,000 worth of appliances they won for their kitchen back in 2020.

With so much cash to splash, Omar and Oz cooked up a true entertainers’ kitchen full of drama and wow factor.

Omar and Oz have pulled off a kitchen filled with drama and subtle luxury. Photo: Nine

But what does $250,000 in appliances actually buy you?

Plenty of luxury goods. You’ll find a host of fancy V-ZUG appliances, including a bottom-mount fridge that retails for $22,999 and a RefreshButler for a cool $32,999 – to dry and steam any clothes that might be dirtied in the cooking process, of course.

The pair also splurged on The Galley taps and workstations to dress up their kitchen and butler’s pantry sinks, further playing up their entertainers theme.

The Galley workstations add an extra touch of sophistication to their butler’s pantry. Photo: Nine

Two V-ZUG ovens at $8599 a pop, a Zip HydroTap that dispenses boiling, chilled, and sparkling water for $6495, and a V-ZUG temperature-controlled wine cabinet for $15,999 round out the flashier appliances of their kitchen.

The jury is still out on whether this huge investment will pay off for the pair come auction night.

While Omar and Oz missed out on the win this week, The Block judges certainly still appreciated the expenditure, scoring them equal second.

Omar and Oz’s kitchen scored equal second alongside Dylan and Jenny. Photo: Nine

“When I knew that there was going to be $250,000 worth of appliances, I thought, ‘Oh gosh, maybe this is gonna feel maybe sort of blingy,’ but no way, it feels so subtle. It’s subtle luxury isn’t it?” Neale Whitaker said.


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