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Keeping your mind active during isolation

By Mikaela Fowler

Bucket-list Learning

These “bucket list” skills have likely been on your list of to-do’s at one stage or another, but we simply never have the time. Well now is your chance to tackle one of these topics and get stuck into learning!
Buena suerte! (Good luck in Spanish!)

Learn a language

Learn to say hello in many languages… bonjour, ciao, guten tag, konnichiwa. Duolingo is free and it has 35 languages on offer and it is easy to learn even for the kids home schooling. Why not learn Spanish, French, Russian or German with Lingvist, a personalised, focused and always accessible online resource.

Learn how to draw or paint

Have you ever wanted to learn more about art? Or how about how to draw in various art forms including portraits or your favourite cartoon character? Why not try your hand at painting with water colours?

Get everything you need online from Frankston-based Senior Art Fine Art Supplies.

Get musical

Learn to rock it like a true band hero! Play along to your favourite tunes while learning to play the guitaror the keyboard.

Check out Guitar Village for great friendly service and advice to find the best instruments and accessories to help you get on your way.


Create stunning imagery with an online course developed to take beginners to an advanced level or fill in the gaps in knowledge that the more experienced photographer may have. Learn how to shoot photos that tell a story, choose the right gear, create a photo book, get tips on photo editing and lighting too.

Peninsula Camera is your one-stop shop for everything you need to take your hobby to the next level.

How to….

Get creative by learning how to sewknit or crochet learning the basic tips and tricks in online videos and buy supplies locally online.

Everyday Life Skills

​Learning opportunities really are everywhere! We are spending more time in the house and garden and now is the perfect time to refine our home learning. Why not learn to cook a fantastic dish to share with your household or save money from growing your own vegies from scraps?

Cooking up a storm

Lean to cook like Maggie Beer with her amazing gourmet home cooking recipes. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make pasta or bread from scratch? Jamie Oliver can show you how step by step.

Compost fun

The Council Compost Community is a forum where you can learn and share stories about composting, worm farming, and sustainable living. 

Join up to the Frankston City EnviroNews and learn about your local indigenous nursery, solar panels and worm farms with Junior Landcare.

Basic first aid and health at home

St John Ambulance Australia has a range of first aid courses that can be completed online and does not require attendance in a classroom. Find out all your health questions answered with Better Health.

Growing vegies from scraps

You may be surprised to learn that there are many vegetables you use in your everyday cooking that you can re-grow from scrap. What a good money saver!

Keeping your mind active

​Reading a new book can help you grow mentally and emotionally. Every book gives you an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas. In a time where we are confined to our own homes, why not let a book take you to another place?

Meet your next favourite book

Grab a cuppa and relax with a good book. If you can’t decide, there are many websites that can recommend one that you can’t put down.

If you’re stuck at home, Robinsons Bookshop offers click and collect and delivery services.

Frankston City Libraries are a great source for e-books, e-magazines and audio books. Register online to access these free resources.

Museum tours and collections

Have you ever wanted to visit the Louvre Museum to discover the secrets of the Mona Lisa or take a virtual tour from your couch of other famous museumsMelbourne museumScience works and the NGV Galleryare also displaying their collections and a few kids activities to do at home.

WatchFrankston Arts Centre’s live streamed performances or discover their art collections.

Frankston City Library learning resources

Research and find resources for assignments, learn something new or discover something old, learn a language and find out more about your health and build your life skills.

Frankston history

There are many resources available online to find out more about Frankston’s history with Frankston City Libraries and Frankston Historical Society. Also check out the historical book ‘Dust from unmade roads‘ by Alfonso Folle which has many amazing historical photos and it is available to purchase online.


Missing catching up with your friends at a yoga or Pilates class? Want to try something new or practice mindfulness while stuck at home?

Master Tai Chi

Tai Chi embraces the mind, body and spirit. Through a series of exercises, it improves your balance, strength, flexibility and brings harmony to the mind and body.

Learn Tai Chi with PARC instructor Noriko Tanaka through the newly launched PARC Your Way program.


Reflexology is a type of massage that is applied to the feet, hands and ears to bring relaxation and healing. It is based on the theory that these body parts correspond to certain organs and body systems.

​ Upskills during the lockdown

​Now is the time to advance your skills and ace that interview after the lockdown or be more productive in your workplace with new online courses available.

Online learning (LinkedIn Learning) is an online learning resource offering more than 6,000 online courses in business, technology, software ie Excel, photography, marketing, web development, design and creative skills development – and more. All you need is a Frankston City Libraries card to join. Don’t have a library card? Join here – it’s free!

Coursera is a free educational platform that partners with top universities and organisations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take.

How to create your own website or blog

FutureLearn Australian universities have created courses designed to boost your CV, give you a flavour of an Australian learning experience, and discover which university may be best for you to study with in the future.

Create, design, develop your own unique website the way you want to and promote your own business, show case your portfolio or start a blog with Wix or Squarespace.

Home resources for our little learners

Our kids are doing plenty of learning from home in new and different ways. Here are some super fun ways your whole family can get involved in some online learning activities.

ABC TV Education

Learning starts here. ABC TV Education’s extended schedule is available to support and engage students, teachers and parents with home based learning on ABC ME (channel 23). Primary and lower secondary level content will continue throughout the morning. Programming then progresses up to secondary level content in the afternoons.


Discover, engage, share. The Department of Education and Training are providing support to teachers and families with FUSE educational digital resources that can be used to support learning at home from early childhood through to Year 10. Resources include sets of self-directed learning activities that can be provided to students in the form of a Word document or as a printed workbook.

Britannica Online

Britannica is a great resource for students to research their school projects and complete their homework assignments. Students can even store their research in their own personal My Britannica account.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has amazing facts about animals, science, history and geography, along with fun competitions, games and more to support home learning!

Sea Life Melbourne
Dive into Melbourne’s virtual aquarium with live streaming of crocodile feeds, penguins enjoying a fishy treat, jellyfish mindfulness, craft activities, mini water experiments and downloadable worksheets for the kids!


Zoos Victoria are live streaming their animals (with special guest appearances!) so you can enjoy #AnimalsAtHome and make learning meaningful by connecting kids to wildlife with their educational programs.
San Diego Zoo have fun animal facts, videos, stories, activities, games and more.

Australian Reptile Park

Animal Tales (includes AUSLAN) with Tim Faulkner is an educational series for students to learn about our Australian wildlife, and how you can help protect them! Live streams (2pm) and educational videos (10am)  with Saltwater Crocodiles, Komodo Dragons, Reticulated Pythons, etc. Monday – Friday.


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