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Nerida Conisbee lifts Ray White to new heights

By Rachel Wallace

Congratulations to Ray White’s Chief Economist, Nerida Conisbee on her two-year milestone with the group.

The Ray White Group holds a commanding 45 per cent share of voice in the media. Nerida’s extensive knowledge and expertise in real estate data and markets has made a significant impact on the industry overall and she has earned a well-deserved reputation for her insightful analysis and forecasting.
Nerida has consistently demonstrated her ability to provide valuable market intelligence and strategic guidance to Investors, homebuyers and industry stakeholders alike.
One of the key reasons behind Nerida’s success is her deep understanding of economic principles and their application to the real estate sector.
She has exceptional communication skills and possesses the unique ability to distil complex economic concepts into easily understandable terms, making her analysis accessible to a wide range of audiences.
She produces the regular monthly economic insights document called Ray White Now, plus a weekly snapshot each Monday and can quickly summarise every RBA rate decision on the run.
Nerida was mentioned in the news more than 3,000 times in the last two years, highlighting Ray White and in fact some 1,667 mentions in the last year alone.
She is on TV sometimes twice a day, in two different cities!

David Koch, the host of Sunrise on Channel 7, called her the “best of the best property commentator” on a panel of experts the day after the Federal Budget was handed down In May.
Whether she is delivering keynote speeches at industry conferences or providing expert commentary in the media. Nerida’s articulate and concise explanations have garnered widespread acclaim.
Her talent for simplifying complex information ensures that her insights resonate with both seasoned professionals and individuals new to the real estate market.
Furthermore, her success can be attributed to her unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments. She keeps a close eye on emerging trends, technological advancements, and regulatory changes that have the potential to shape the real estate landscape.
Nerida’s expertise and success as the Chief Economist at Ray White have not gone unnoticed.
She has received numerous accolades and industry recognition, further cementing her position as a leading figure in the field.
Her insights are frequently sought after by media outlets, and she is regularly featured in prestigious publications, providing expert commentary and analysis.
Her ability to accurately predict market movements has earned her a strong following and made her an invaluable asset to both Ray White and the wider real estate community at large. Congratulations Nerida, we’re so lucky to have you.
View Ray White Now here.

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