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Styling For Sale – On A Budget!

By Rachel Wallace

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression and when it comes to selling your house, nailing it, or failing it, can be the difference between thousands of dollars! The way you style your home for sale can make (or totally break!) the opportunity to create a WOW moment for potential buyers when they first step foot on your property. Many buyers are looking to buy a lifestyle, not just a property, so impressing them with a beautifully styled home is bound to pay off on auction day.

Three Birds Styling School Student, Angela Everitt and her partner, Rick Wenck, set out to buy and renovate a home for their family in Birkdale, Queensland, with the help of Ang’s dad. They had every intention of moving in with their two children but a strong property market convinced them to list their new home for sale… and that was when Angela’s Styling School skills were put to the test.

Ang shared how she styled the home for sale (on a tight budget!) with the Styling School community and we thought you might like to see it too!


We used Styling School to transform the entire house, inside and out. It was an important part of an extensive renovation that included laying new flooring, removing wallpaper and painting, completely replacing the kitchen and bathroom, as well as building a bedroom and ensuite into an existing garage space.

Towards the end of the renovation, the rising market enticed us to sell our beautiful home and our styling helped us stage the house for sale and show off our hard work.

We had a vision board that we referred to all the way through the process. The hashtag relates to the street name- Malling, the fact that this home can be beautiful with some care and attention (currently run-down 70s home full of wallpaper) and Cann is the name of the man who owned it. At the time of his passing, he was 105 and the oldest living resident in Redland City. I thought we should pay homage to him.


A smaller budget is no obstacle to creating a space that exudes the look and feel you’re after. Whilst we may have taken inspiration from properties and products well above our budget, shopping in more affordable stores that offer good quality products and comparing these to our vision board allowed us to have the home we desired without compromising in other lifestyle choices.

The Google image search function allowed us to find similar products to those in our vision board at a range of prices, from different suppliers.

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