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The top 5 features in Omar and Oz’s winning Master Ensuite

By Rachel Wallace
  • Best-friends Omar and Oz are now officially the bathroom kings of The Block 2022, after winning Master Ensuite Week.

The win follows their victory in week one for their main bathroom, and shows the Sydney duo have a talent for designing wet spaces.

Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker were completely blown away by the beautiful room, and loved almost everything except the lack of face-level lighting at the vanity.

These are the top five features in Omar and Oz’s stunning master ensuite:

1. Scale and layout

You can fit a lot in a small space with clever planning. (Nine)

While the other teams had massive master ensuites, Omar and Oz’s was smaller but made a better use of the space.

“It’s not about size, it’s what you do with it,” Neale said when he saw House 5’s master ensuite.

Omar and Oz dedicated a third of their bathroom to a walk-through double shower, which also had a curved bench seat.

“Such a clever use of space, this is ingenious isn’t it?” Neale added.

Despite being a smaller bathroom than the other teams’, Omar and Oz’s master ensuite still had space for a large bathtub, toilet and vanity with four drawers.

2. Walk-through double shower

There’s just something about a double shower that says luxury, but when it’s also walk-through you know you’re in a glamorous space.

The shower didn’t just have two shower heads and two doors, it had a long, beautifully curved bench seat. Just having a seat in the shower reminds you to take your time and indulge.

“I feel like I’m at a high-end country club,” Shaynna said.

The shower also had a long niche to store soap, shampoo and towel hooks, so that you can grab your towel as soon as you’re done.

This shower is so luxe you’d never want to leave. (Nine)

3. Bathtub

Omar and Oz went for a round bathtub instead of the traditional shape, which was a great choice as it fit the corner of the bathroom perfectly.

Darren realised the position of the bathtub meant two people having a bath together could enjoy looking out at different views of the landscape.

The elegant bath was topped off by simple yet effective styling with a plant in the niche beside it, a towel draped over the edge and soaps and a candle on a nearby timber stool.

4. Tiles

Omar and Oz went bold on their floor tiles and neutral on their wall tiles in their main bathroom, and they’ve done it again with their master ensuite.

The black and white patterned floor tiles make a huge statement, while also adding that heritage detail the judges are looking for in these historic country homes.

While it’s important to have that wow factor, it’s just as important that the bathroom is a calming, relaxing space so the choice of contrasting tile is important.

Omar and Oz chose well with the white finger tiles, which they used on the walls and on the curved bench seat in the shower.

This adds balance to an already well balanced space.

5. Attention to detail

While they missed the mark on face-level lighting, Omar and Oz ticked every other box with their bathroom.

They had ample vanity and face-level storage, and just the right amount of styling to tell a story and nod to the country setting. And that was in addition to giving the buyer a toilet, shower and bath.

The only thing left was to add a finishing touch, and Omar and Oz once again delighted the judges with some toilet paper origami.

“I think this tells us all we need to know about Omar and Oz,” Neale said when he saw the peacock fold on the end of the toilet paper roll.


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