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Why Auction?

While some old-school agents are still saying “Auctions don’t work in this area” or “Auction only works on certain properties”, the reverse has been proven to be true. Agents skilled in the use of the Auction method are regularly achieving great results in every geographical location and on every style of property.

Over the past few years, the proportion of properties across Australia being sold by Auction has been steadily rising as the method becomes increasingly popular with both sellers and buyers. The Melbourne property market has been a leader in this movement, with one of the highest proportion of Auctions of any capital city across Australia.

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Brenton Ilicic

Once every 10 years, Australasia’s largest franchise group conduct an international auctioneering competition. In 2015, with over 100 contestants from Australasia, Brenton Ilicic won this competition in front of a crowd of 2,000 peers.

Brenton is now the Director of Victoria’s leading Freelance Auctioneering business, ‘Brenton Ilicic – Elevate Your Success’. Conducting in excess of 1000 auctions in the 2015 – 2016 financial year, he has become the most in demand Auctioneer in Victoria.

He has worked with some of Australia’s leading auction focused real estate businesses & as a result he has mastered the auction process – from the point of listing to the point of sale.