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10 clever ways to improve your property’s value before you sell

By Jessie Stewart

Renovating your house doesn’t always mean thousands of dollars and a reality tv team. If you’re wondering what adds value to your home, all that’s needed at times is a little detail here and some colour there. A rug, a basket, a pillow – they all add up to create a new look in your home.

These interior design hacks will increase the value of your property and make a great first impression.

1. Add an accent colour to your living room
Let’s start at the beginning. The first room of the house you see when you walk in is usually the living room. And first impressions count! To wow your potential buyers just add a little accent colour to the space in the form of brightly coloured pillows or an elegant vase.

2. Invest in a cosy rug
One item can make all the difference. A living room without a rug might not seem too bad, but the minute you place it under your coffee table or chair, it brings the whole room together. A rug makes any room feel more homey and welcoming, which is definitely what you want your prospective buyers to feel.

3. Open up the space
Sometimes, it’s not about adding something to a room but removing it. Everybody wants a space that feels big and open. By tearing down the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining or living room (or all three of them), you will automatically open up the house, making it feel bigger and brighter. The same applies to decluttering: you might find that removing some items of furniture or replacing them with smaller pieces creates an impression of space.

4. Daylighting
And speaking of light, daylighting is another trend that doesn’t require much investment but completely shifts the feel of the house. It consists of creating spaces that are illuminated by natural daylight rather than artificial light. To achieve this look, remove old, chunky curtains or drapes, replace them with light-coloured blinds made with natural materials, and add mirrors to reflect the natural light in the darker spaces of your home.

5. Fresh coat of paint in neutral colours
Along with the daylighting and tearing down of unnecessary walls, painting your house interior in neutral colours like whites, light greys, beige, and other earthy shades will make your house brighter and more open. These tones are calming and relaxing, and allow people to imagine their own furniture and artwork in your space.

6. Update your kitchen cabinets
It’s the kitchen’s turn! How can you revive this part of the house without spending a lot of money? You’d be surprised how big a difference a little change of colour on the cabinets can make. You can try painting them a bold colour or just adding a fresh coat of neutrals. Add the finishing touch of new handles, and you’ve got a whole new kitchen for next to nothing.

7. Replace the splashback
How about a new, sparkling splashback? This part of the kitchen is often overlooked, but when you replace it with new, more fashionable tiles, stainless steel or coloured, opaque glass or acrylic, it can really give your kitchen some character.

8. Modernise the bathroom
Easier said than done, but the bathroom offers plenty of opportunities to be beautified. For example, a new, contemporary-looking tap or a brand new toilet seat is sometimes all that’s needed. It’s the little things that count.

9. Make the bedrooms minimal
Bedrooms should also be a calming, neutral space. A brand new white bedspread with a few stylish throw cushions will instantly feel chic and luxurious.

10. Tidy up
Never underestimate the power of tidying up. Clutter is never pretty, and visitors and buyers will definitely notice it. Store all the stuff that’s taking up space in rattan baskets that instantly make your storage spaces look tidier and more chic. Not to mention they go perfectly with your brand new neutral living room and rug.

As you can see, what adds value to your home are the little things. You don’t need a complete home makeover to rejuvenate your house and make it more appealing to buyers. Of course, you can always ask your real estate agent for their opinion: they go into a lot of houses!


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