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3 quick and easy ideas to transform your floors

By Rachel Wallace

Whether you’re ready to splurge, or you’d rather be economical, there are tricks to updating your flooring that can transform the look and feel of a room and make it feel fresh and beautiful again.

Oak and Orange designers, Heather and Sarah have spent over a decade decorating homes for families, creating stylish and modern spaces from floor to ceiling. “Interior design is a passion we both share,” they agree. “And we love that we can bounce ideas off each other.”

Their satisfaction comes from starting with a creative vision and the reward of seeing it through to fruition. “We source most of our inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, but it’s not always interior images that we draw inspiration from. It can be nature, clothing, resorts and even restaurants, it’s about creating a feeling when you walk into the home at the end.”

Here, Heather and Sarah share some of their advice for transforming your space, even on a budget:

1. Use rugs to add warmth and comfort

“Rugs are a fabulous way to transform the look of any room. We love that if you’re renting or don’t have options to change your flooring an oversized rug can create the change you are desiring. You can transform dark flooring to light flooring with a rug,” says Heather and Sarah. “One of our favourite cost-effective materials from Andersens are their rugs. And the best thing is you can roll it up and take it with you to your next home when you move.”

There’s a few easy things you can do to any room to give it an instant facelift. “If you’re on a budget or maybe even renting… a fresh coat of paint will make the world of difference and is an affordable way to make a high impact, ” says Heather and Sarah. “Artwork can instantly transform a space and with so many renters’ friendly products on the market it’s easy to remove and take with you when you move. A hot tip when in doubt for size always go up a size.” Alana Landsberry and Martina Gemmola

2. Refresh your interiors with plants

“We love styling with large pots and indoor plants, just make sure you do some research before you choose a plant so that it thrives.” For low-light corners, good indoor plant choices include the pretty Peace Lily, the hardy Zanzibar Gem and the Snake Plant.

Bringing greenery into the home is a quick and easy way to add a touch of nature. Choose statement pots that complement flooring and add a sculptural touch. Nic Gossage and Getty

3. Get expert help to make the job easier

“It can be very overwhelming when renovating and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start,” say Heather and Sarah.

Stylish options for updating your home flooring include cork and floorboards. Cork tiles are an easy and durable option: ideal for high traffic areas of your home, they can be installed onto concrete, timber, ply and chipboard flooring. Look for cork tiles from suppliers like Andersens, that come pre-finished with no further sanding or polishing needed.


“Our piece of advice is to always get help from the experts. Not every type of flooring is going to be an option depending on your home. You may wish to choose new flooring that can be laid directly over the top rather than selecting one that requires you to rip up what’s already there. Andersens can help with these decisions and give you the advice you need to make the best selections that could potentially save you time and money.”


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