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3 Unexpected Features Of A Winning Bathroom

By Rachel Wallace

The bathroom is typically a functional zone in any home, but does that mean we can’t have any fun in the design?

Definitely not! A bathroom renovation should be an invitation to explore colour and creative design elements for two reasons.

“For one thing, the space is easily closed off from the rest of the home when the door is shut, which makes it a great zone to have fun with the design, but secondly, many of the day’s important moments of pondering and self-reflection take place in the bathroom,” says Lana, adding: “So the space should make you feel happy”.

Here, Lana reveals the three unexpected design elements to take your bathroom to the next level.

1. Statement tiles

It’s no secret our Birds love a white-on-white colour palette, but when it comes to creating a winning bathroom, Lana says colour is key.

“We love an adventurous tile to achieve this, and there’s so much choice and inspiration out there now to help you nail the look perfect for your home.”

Not sure where to start? Lana advises seeking out a tile in line with the overall theme of your home. “Guests shouldn’t feel like they’ve walked into a different home when they enter the bathroom.”

And the golden rule, as Lana explains, is allowing space for your tiles to shine. “Too many competing elements will detract from the statement your tiles are making. If you’re going for statement tiles on the floor, consider white rendered walls,” she says.

Lana’s top tip for choosing tile grout: “Grout can either contrast or complement your tiles. Choose wisely for the look you’re striving for.” Picture: Three Birds Renovations

2. Pendant lights

Pendant lights are seen as a luxury item in that they easily take any room to the next level, says Lana.

“But pendant lights don’t need to be as formal as the chandelier you’re picturing. A rattan or woven pendant in the bathroom is a fabulous way to create a resort-like feel in your space and set the tone of relaxation,” she says.

Pendant placement is key, however, and as Lana explains should always be approved by your electrician, particularly if the room includes a wet space.

Pop your pendant in a safe place away from water and your head. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

3. Floor-to-ceiling windows

Look. It’s not exactly a feature an apartment dweller or owner of an inner-city terrace may consider, but as Lana says: “There’s a time and a place for floor-to-ceiling windows in the bathroom”.

The Birds’ latest project is a Mediterranean farmhouse-style villa in the hinterland near Byron Bay. The nearest neighbours to the home are a family of koalas, and they couldn’t care less about spotting a human in his birthday suit.

“If you’re lucky enough to secure a plot of land with a private aspect and you’re comfortable enough, floor-to-ceiling windows can totally transform the look and feel of your space. They’ll make you feel as if you’re on holiday year-round,” Lana says, adding:

“It’s a game-changer if you’re brave enough.”

Love the look but feeling a little shy? Motorised awnings on the exterior of the window can give you the option of privacy. Picture: Three Birds Renovations


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