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4 Luxury Updates That Will Transform Your Home

By Rachel Wallace

Add a touch of glam to your home with these adjustments.

When it comes to sophisticated styling, the devil is in the details. Quality materials, fine craftsmanship, luxurious textures and interesting shapes can elevate a simple look to something marvellous.

Consider making these luxury updates to transform the look of your home.

Window coverings

Lighting is a big part of creating a luxurious feel in your home.

We all want our homes to be flooded with beautiful natural light, but we don’t want it to be too bright or abrasive.

Australia has quite harsh light; therefore, we want window coverings that offer a soft filter for maximum luxury. We also want ultimate control of light to be able to change the ambience depending on the time of day.

Don’t lose your view or your sense of style. These Luxaflex shades are both luxurious and functional. Picture: Luxaflex

However, at the same time, we don’t want our views to the outside restricted by imposing blinds, or be boxed in to standard window coverings that meet our needs but not our luxe tastes.

Fortunately, there are shades like the Softshades range from Luxaflex® that offer a soft and sophisticated look and texture, but with the light-control qualities of other window coverings such as blinds and shutters. In other words, Softshades can look like curtains but function like blinds.

This is ideal when you’re trying to pick blinds for a functional space, like a living room, but want that little bit extra; a soft window covering that looks elegant mixed with the functional properties of privacy, insulation and light control.


Most homes have very similar, standard-look tapware – and for a good reason. The fancier your taps, the more expensive they are likely to be – and it can be quite the price jump!

However, in the grand scheme of high-impact updates, you might consider some antique brass tapware to be a worthy investment.

After all, it will completely transform an otherwise standard space.

You probably have a kitchen bench top similar to this – but do you have a fancy faucet? Picture:

You might be lucky enough to find an excellent deal on sites like Gumtree or Etsy.

Otherwise, you can source antique tapware at vintage homewares boutiques or specialist tapware stores.

There are also plenty of lookalike designs at your local hardware store that will be more cost effective.

Light fixtures

Down lights remain popular in many homes, but oftentimes they leave a lot of empty space that could be filled by something beautiful.

Decorative light fixtures add a touch of interest and allow you to play with space and levels in a room.

If you have a look you’re aiming for, the right light fixture could set the tone.

Feature lights can change the entire look of a space. Picture:

If you want a more industrial look, consider something geometric or simply an exposed bulb. If you want a Hamptons look, consider something woven or wicker. Want something funky? Go with brightly coloured enamel or resin.

“A rule of thumb for feature lights or pendants is that they should be placed above a solid surface, such as a bench, dining tables, bathroom vanity or bedside tables,” interior designer Emma Blomfield explains.

“When it comes to accent lighting, I like to use a mixture of floor lamps and table lamps.

“This lets you control the light more so than just having overhead lights, especially at night.”

While you’re there, add a dimmer switch to really set the mood.

Planning a theme

The trick to sophisticated decorating is nailing the planning.

“Plan first, then buy,” Emma advises. “A lot of people make the mistake of just running off to the shop, but if everything in your space is purposeful and well-considered, then it’ll look more luxurious and expensive, no matter how much you spend.”

To help with planning, consider centring your purchases and styling around a theme. This could be a colour scheme, a style theme or time period.

An easy way to find your theme could be to pick a statement piece: whether that’s an artwork, an armchair, a rug or some other item you love – just make it big and allow it to pull focus.

Note how the furniture matches the artwork. Picture:

This accent piece can then form the foundations of your style and colour schemes. All your other furniture and decor choices can be made to compliment this theme.

As with the room above, if you have a couple of strong statement pieces, you can keep the rest minimal.


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