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5 Entertaining Essentials Every House Needs

By Rachel Wallace

Think of the best dinner party you’ve been to: what made it so special? Chances are it was the company – maybe the food, as a close second.

So, when you’re prepping your home for the next dinner party, think in terms of what will foster connection, fun and ease. For keen entertainers, there are some home items that help keep the good times flowing.

Here’s our ultimate home entertainer’s list:

1. An extendable dining table

Whether indoor or out – perhaps both, for those more fortunate – entertainers need an excellent table around which guests can gather.

While once upon a time the size and style of your table was defined by your space, there’s now a bevy of stylish and flexible options available.

Investing in a dining table will ensure memories are made for years to come. Picture: King

Extendable tables are vital for those who can’t, or may not want, an eight-seat table all year round. The King Quay Table is flexible in both length and style. While the sleek but classic shape fits most aesthetics, you can also choose between marble, ceramic and timber table tops to complete your look.

If you’re looking for an indoor and outdoor table, consider the ceramic table top. Not only does it look a treat, it’s an ideal investment piece at a reasonable price.

2. Table protection

Keep your mind at ease and protect that lovely dining table with a stunning table cloth to match your decor or theme.

A tablecloth can enhance your aesthetic and protect your dining table for longevity. Picture: Pexels

Take your pick of fabrics, colours and patterns, but remember this piece of fabric is likely to be stained at some point. Keep stain removal at the back of your mind when purchasing a new table cloth and get something you’re not going to worry about.

Napkins, placemats, trivets (mats for hot pots and pans) and coasters are other protective devices one can employ on top of the table cloth for that extra layer of protection.

3. Beverage accessories

Whether you’re drinking water, wine or whisky sours, you need the right jugs, decanters, cups, coupes, glasses, shakers and tumblers.

Let’s think about your beverage possibilities:


Whether a dinner party, cocktail party or backyard BBQ, you should have some water at the ready.

Save everyone – yourself included – a trip to the tap by having a jug or dispenser nearby for ease.

Depending on your style, you could make a real statement with the right vessel.

Regardless of your drink of choice, you’ll need an easy, accessible and tasty way to share it around. Picture: Pexels


The shape and depth of your wine glass is said to bring out the flavour, so you’ll need a couple of varieties of glass depending on what you’re drinking. A few fundamentals: bigger for red, a bit smaller for white and flutes or coupes for sparkling.

Keen on wine served properly? Get yourself a decanter to aerate your drop.


If you’re a household that likes to treat their guests – or themselves! – you’ll want a cocktail cart, complete with your liquors of choices and accessories, like a cocktail shaker, stirrer, muddler, strainer and so on. You may also want to add a few martini glasses or tumblers to that glassware collection.

Finally, don’t forget to have a supply of those staples that make cocktails great, such as lemons, simple syrup, sugar cubes, bitters and – of course – ice.

4. Serving essentials

Cutlery and crockery are likely to already be in your cabinets, but certain serving items make the dining experience much easier for dinner parties. Consider these few essentials:

Platters and serving bowls always come in handy when entertaining. Picture: Pexels

  • A cheese board
  • Serving platter
  • Salad bowl
  • Ramekins (for olives, nuts etc.), and
  • Salt and pepper grinders

5. Warm lighting

Lighting sounds like a silly thing to fuss over – unless you have the wrong lighting. Having a dinner party under bright fluorescent lights can be practical but it’s not as fun.

In dining areas, you need good but warm lighting. An ideal set-up might have flexible choices, such as a dimmer switch or a few lamps and candles. Have something a bit brighter while you’re eating, as well as something slightly moodier for drinks and chats.


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