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5 ideas for wall art at every budget

By Rachel Wallace

Whether it’s a polaroid gallery wall or a bigger budget art installation, there’s no denying that getting creative with your wall space is a simple and effective way to spruce up a room.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune on this kind of project. Plus, innovative adhesive hanging options can mean you don’t have to start knocking holes in walls – which is great for renters who want to style up without falling out with the landlord.

Feeling inspired? Get ready to spruce up your home with these great ideas.

1. A mixed bag

A popular interior trend at the moment is to use an eclectic mix of picture frames on one wall.

You can hit the op shop to find different frames; and remember the more variety, the better. Fill these with your art, family photos, postcards, or quality prints.

A gallery wall with different, eclectic frames can have huge visual impact. Picture: Shutterstock

Arrange the frames randomly or carefully set them out in a neat design, depending on your preference.

Once you’ve got the placement perfect, instead of putting lots of holes in the wall use 3M Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. These are simple to use and easy to remove, so you can create a stylish gallery wall in minutes without worrying about damaging the wall.

Budget: Because you’re saving on the frames by shopping at second-hand stores, this is an affordable approach to wall-styling. Think anywhere between $50-200 depending on the number of frames.

2. The statement pieces

If you have ample wall space or a nook that needs livening up, using just one or two larger specialty pieces of art can create a visual impact.

3M Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips support a frame of up to 7.2kg, so you can think big.

A large canvas artwork can make a statement. Picture: Joe Cheng. Styling: Emma Blomfield

If you’re hanging a painted canvas, instead of putting lots of holes in the wall use 3M Command™ Jumbo Canvas Hanging Strip range that is better suited to hold a canvas in place as opposed to a frame.

Budget: The cost of a larger canvas original artwork can vary greatly but you’re probably looking at a starting point of at least $1000 (unless you are lucky to know some talented artist gift givers!).

3. Colour coordinate

One way to make a hanging wall pop is to have a colour theme that runs through the display.

Choosing a colour theme can help with your styling. Picture: Shutterstock

Monochrome themes are popular, but blue, green and earthy brown colours are also all in fashion too.

Match the colour theme with your décor for added effect, using similar coloured cushions, throws and rugs, or even with your wall paint.

Budget: Colour coordinating your prints and photographs needn’t cost anything at all – just a little bit of your time, but hey, it’s fun!

4. Get creative with the kids

Kids love hanging stuff on their walls, so why not approach the project together?

The big tip is to keep it bright and fun.

If your child has particular interests like geography, dinosaurs or rainbows, build your wall hangings around these.

Rather than using an adhesive putty, which melts over time, use 3M Command™ Poster Strips for lightweight things like hand-drawn pictures, fairy lights and bunting flags.

Pick a theme for your little one’s nursery, or let your child pick their own! Picture: Getty

Another great idea option is 3M Command™ General Purpose Hooks. Put these on the back of the door, inside wardrobe doors or on the wall down low so that kids can hang items such as bags, coats, dressing gowns and skipping ropes.

Budget: Kids’ artwork can be quite cheap, and as children’s preferences change quickly as they develop, it’s worth not spending a fortune and sticking to prints, not originals.

5. Something extra

Remember, wall hangings don’t just have to be art or photo frames.

A picture frame is just the beginning of what you can hang on your wall. Picture: Shutterstock

There are an array of different objects that look great when hung, so be creative.

Think hats arranged on an entryway wall, chopping boards displayed in the kitchen, or even a mesmerising wall display of plates in the dining room.

The bohemian look opens up the doors to a range of different hanging options. Picture: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a bohemian vibe, then weaved objects, dream catchers and macrame hangings are a great idea.

For a beach style, driftwood, shells, coral, and sea life motifs are great.

In older Hampton-style homes, a mirror wall display or a gallery of flower art will add an extra touch of elegance.

Budget: For bohemian or beach-inspired artworks and objects, op-shops are your friend, so this trend can be as affordable as you want it to be.


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