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5 Non-Scary Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

By Rachel Wallace
Monochromatic style has been all the rage when it comes to new homes. Too often though, the greyscale approach can leave your home feeling drab and unwelcoming.

This is why even the most restrained, streamlined and elegant designs use bursts of colour to bring a home to life.

Yet for many looking designing a new home, colour can be scary, so we asked Porter Davis’s expert interior designer, Patrizia Romeo, for straightforward advice on introducing colour into your home.

1. Colour doesn’t necessarily mean paint

Most of us immediately think about paint when incorporating colour, but don’t forget there are other ways to brighten up your home.

Firstly, using plants and organic decor can soften the hard edge of a monochrome palette, adding a touch of green to boot.

Plants are a subtle way of adding colour.

You can also use decor by adding a colourful couch, bright rug, or an exciting piece of art.

Another more permanent possibility is tiling, says Patrizia.

“It’s a nice surprise when you walk into a powder room which has walls adorned with gorgeous tiles, luxurious tapware and a decorative mirror,” she says. “It’s a little bit of luxury you can enjoy in private.”

2. Make a bold entrance

The entrance is a great place to add colour to your home.

“It’s the first space that your guests will step into and where you conjugate,” Patrizia explains.

“Add a feature paint colour to the front door as a conversation starter, artwork to the entry wall, a large mirror, a bench seat or a console and make it feel welcoming.”

3. Get creative in the kitchen

Kitchens are meant to be messy and creative places, so it’s a great place to start experimenting with bold tones.

The kitchen is the heart of the home — make it a colourful place you love.

“Why not add a decorative colour to the cabinets, or just make the island bench a coloured feature,” Patrizia says.

“Or, if you’re wanting to keep the kitchen cabinets timeless, a decorative feature tile to the splashback can add colour to the space.”

Also, consider the tapware and cabinet handles. Matching sets in matte black or brushed brass can add a real boost, she adds.

4. Use earthy tones

All things nature top the trends at the moment, and they can add life to your home without being too much.

“Earthy and warm tones of amber, terracotta, rust and dusty rose are trendy at the moment,” Patrizia says.

“I believe these tones have become popular during lockdown as we’ve been isolated at home. These warm and nurturing colours have provided comfort in a time of uncertainty.”

5. Go with your colour

If you love a particular colour and want to use it in your home, don’t choose not to just because it’s not a ‘typical’ colour.

“I encourage you to be bold,” Patrizia says.

“That’s what will make your home stand out and be individual. You can always use other colours alongside your main colour of choice to either soften or enhance it.”

Express yourself!

However, if your preferred colour is wild and bold, some restraint may be necessary, she explains.

“Be cautious using dark paint colours as it can darken a space, but used in the right application and setting, they can look quite striking.

“For example, hallways are closed off spaces and, unless you have an abundance of natural light in these spaces, these areas are best left white and fresh. If you want to add colour to these spaces, add artwork to the walls, a hallway runner, plants in a decorative floor pot.”

Pictures are courtesy of Porter Davis.


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