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5 Special Extras To Consider When House Hunting

By Rachel Wallace

Currently on the hunt for a home that stands out from the crowd? 

You probably have your list of ‘must-haves’ ready to go: three bedrooms, a backyard and a large kitchen, for example. But what about those ‘nice to have’ features that would make a home your haven?

If you’re looking to upgrade to a place with a few extra mod cons, we’ve rounded up some unique homes on the market right now to get you inspired about the full range of possibilities.

Cast an eye over these unique home features for a touch of inspiration.

An entertaining space

Despite the digital age pushing everyone further towards their phone screens, communal areas in the home are intended to bring everyone back together.

Whether early breakfast or evening drinks, an indoor-outdoor kitchen bar like this looks pretty delightful. Picture:

For instance, open communal areas are not only a great entertainment area for guests, but they can be a simple way to bring bonding moments into your everyday family routine.

Why not consider an indoor-outdoor dining space? It’ll make Christmas lunch a breeze. Think: concertina doors and windows, a breakfast bar (or an actual bar!) at your kitchen window, a beer fridge next to the BBQ and a luxe outdoor lounge suite to get comfy.

How’s that for outdoor living areas? Picture:

If you’ve thrown yourself into bread making over this past year, chances are pizza dough isn’t far from your horizon – maybe your new home could have a pizza oven to take that to the next level?

Want an outdoor area you can enjoy all year round? A fire pit could be the hot addition to your next home.

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Curl up around the fire with a mulled wine in the cooler months. Picture:

An indoor cinema

While we all want to support our local cinemas, there are plenty of quality films intended for the big screen that are available directly in our homes.

While this home has the space for it, there’s no reason many regular living rooms can’t offer a great home cinema experience with the right tech. Picture:

Why watch the latest Scorcese on your 13″ laptop screen when you could have some friends over, microwave some popcorn and enjoy it together on a 80″ screen?

Furthermore, home cinema set-ups are no longer bank account busters. Top quality screens and speakers can offer a fun experience to enjoy with family and friends in your own home.

Lights, camera, action!

The dream work-from-home setup

The work-from-home era is well and truly upon us. Most buyers will be looking for a space that can work as an office.

We’d all like an extra room for a study, but perhaps you just need to get creative with space in your new home. Picture:

While an extra bedroom (aka, a study) would be ideal for a home office, consider how you can take advantage of other spaces within the home.

Can you transform a linen press into a fold-out desk? Or is there a flexible corner that could provide enough light and privacy for a desk?

Whether it’s a space for your husband who speaks too loudly on his Zoom calls or your teenager who’s studying for their final exams, having an extra spot for an office is something you should consider when house hunting.

Exercise and wellness facilities

The modern home can accommodate all types of fitness and wellness interests. Are your family tennis fans? How about your own tennis court? Or do you love the gym but hate membership fees? A home gym is the way to go. Whatever exercise and wellness activities your family enjoys, there are ways to incorporate them into your home.

This home took relaxation to the extreme with a stunning, retreat-style yoga studio. Picture:

Short on space? See how this home fits a pilates reformer machine and a ‘portable’ sauna in what looks like a slightly-oversized closet.

Meanwhile, a home with a tennis or basketball court sounds like it would cost an arm and a leg, but these days there are plenty of housing or apartment developments with these facilities easily available to residents.

A hobby space

Like to exercise your mind as well as your body?

Consider the potential for spare rooms or spaces to be used as workshops, art studios, sewing rooms or play rooms – after all, this past year, you’ve probably picked up a few extra hobbies!

This Mt Eliza home has it all — including an art studio/gallery space. Picture:

Carve out a space for jigsaw puzzles or painting – like the above house – because whether you have kids or you’re a big kid yourself, you should be allocating an indoor space to playing, learning and flexing your creativity.


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