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5 ways to freshen up your home this spring

By Rachel Wallace

Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for a good ol’ spring clean. 

The spring clean doesn’t necessarily need to be deep cleaning your bathroom (although this can’t hurt, right?). It could mean sorting through those travel photos and finding some to frame, decluttering your closet or sorting the files on your computer. The ultimate goal is to get your home (and life) organised!

Here are some projects to tick off your list that will freshen up your home life this spring.

1. Tick off your life admin

Clear out your mental clutter by ticking off some long overdue life admin. Do your taxes, reorganise your computer files, unsubscribe from excess emails and re-evaluate your home budget.

Spring cleaning can mean doing life admin, like reviewing your utilities, loans and finances. Picture: Pexels

This is also a great time to ask yourself if your utility services are actually serving you effectively. Are you getting the best deal on your phone, internet and energy? Are your credit cards and bank accounts offering you the most bang for buck? Should you refinance your home loan?

With ‘unseen’ services like our utilities, we tend to take a set and forget approach, picking plans and then simply paying our bills as they roll in. However, new products and offers are frequently released to keep up with changing markets.

For instance, you could find that your current internet is not only expensive, but slow compared to newer connections. If you need fast speeds and reliable connection for those Zoom calls and Netflix binges, consider upgrading to an nbn or 5G Home Internet plan with Optus. With great value plans and $0 start-up fee, there’s never been a better time to switch.

2. Do a deep clean

Angela Carrick, founder of Airbnb management and hosting service Air Design Australia, ‘spring cleans’ for a living. Tasked with not only cleaning homes on the regular, she has to keep them well presented for a revolving door of new guests and clients. When it comes to cleaning, she says it’s a good time of year to dust off the cobwebs – literally and metaphorically.

“There is nothing like a good wash down of all surfaces that have been neglected over winter, such as blinds and cupboards,” Angela tells

“A deeper spring clean may include cleaning or changing your internal light fittings; airing and changing bedding; and protecting them for longevity.”

How often do you air out your bedding, cushions and pillows? Give them some fresh air on a sunny day. Picture: Pexels

Take things further and clean other tricky areas, like scrubbing your grout, steaming the carpet and cleaning the filters in your dishwasher or air-conditioning system.

3. Sort your belongings

A good decluttering is part and parcel of the spring clean. Here are a few ideas for where you can start:

  • Your closet
  • Your kitchen (see: out-of-date pantry items, cookbooks you never use, old Tupperware)
  • Your medicine cabinet/toiletries (medicines, cosmetics and other personal care products have used-by dates too)
  • Storage cupboards
  • The garage

Remember to dispose of old items correctly and try to recycle and repurpose wherever possible. You can always try to sell items, but Angela recommends donating where possible.

“Many people are doing it tough, so donating all unwanted or unused items is not only a sustainable option but a charitable one,” she reminds.

4. Do that DIY project

Strip your furniture! Paint the ceiling! Patch those holes! Build something, craft something, make something out of clay!

Your DIY project could be painting your walls or painting your own wall art. Picture: Pexels

If there is any aspect of your home that needs fixing or touching up, consider this the sign you need to hop to it.

Better still, this is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby just for fun. Flex your creative muscles by painting some decor, like photo frames or vases. Go one better and create some new wall art. Get painting, printing, weaving or photographing for something with a personal touch. Just don’t forget to have fun with it!

5. Redecorate for the warmer seasons

Remember, redecorating doesn’t necessarily mean buying new items. Angela finds that simply rearranging the furniture can breathe new life into your space.

“Moving furniture around and changing up the spaces can give a new dynamic to any room,” she says. “[For instance], try switching where you work from to provide a change of scenery.

“Changing up the wall art and cushions can also change the look of a room entirely using completely different colours and styles to your previous choices,” she adds.

“Now is the time to be brave and experiment with looks and styles that you may have steered away from in the past.”


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