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6 DIY Projects To Tackle This Spring 

By Rachel Wallace

As a former champion of The Block, Shannon Vos is well versed in the area of DIY. But you don’t have to be an expert to give your place a little sprucing up!

Looking at your home’s exterior, we asked Shannon which jobs are best to tackle in spring, plus a few tips to make them easier for us novices.

Fix your fence

If the fence surrounding your property is looking a little haggard, why not give it some love.

Shannon’s top tip is to use a spray gun to make the job quicker and easier for everyone.

A spray gun, which can be hired from Kennards Hire, can make the job quicker and easier. Picture: Reel Focus Films

“[Perimeter] fences are typically big and they are usually intricate, i.e. they’re not very flat,” Shannon says.

“So, a spray gun just makes a big job so much smaller. If I was to brush [paint] this fence by myself, the job would take me two days, whereas a spray gun will help me get it done in half a day.”

Paint exterior features

Due to the mild weather, spring is a great time to get any outdoor painting done. Be it the fence, your gutters, eaves or anything else you want to DIY, the key to a successful job is picking the right time.

Don’t paint in direct sun and make sure you do your weather research! Picture: Getty

“The primary purpose of paint is to protect whatever surface is underneath and it’s secondary purpose is decorative,” Shannon says.

“To have it function properly, it needs to be applied and dried properly. Weather determines everything. I would shy away from painting in full sun, on really windy days, too early in the day when it’s cold and dewy or too late in the day when the paint won’t dry before night time.”

This leaves the not-too-early morning as a perfect start time — weather permitting.

Clear and patch your gutters

Although winter is behind us, summer can also come with its fair share of downpour — especially in a La Niña year! Therefore, spring is the right time to patch and paint your gutters and roof.

For most of the nation, it’s also heading into bushfire season, so clear all the leaf litter from your roof and yard.

Do some lawn maintenance

“Spring is a good time to top dress your lawns,” Shannon says. “That means putting good soil on top of your grass, which will promote growth over spring. It’s also a good time to feed your lawn.”

A pristine lawn makes evenings outside that much nicer. Picture: Pexels

Remember, if you’re lacking lawn mowers, leaf blowers, edge or hedge trimmers, you can always hire them from Kennards Hire. If top dressing your lawn, you may want to consider a soil spreader to ensure the soil and fertiliser is evenly dispersed.

Plant something new

Spring is a great time to get planting. Check with your local nursery when it’s best to plant your specific choices — it will vary between species and your geographical climate.

Admittedly not a green thumb, Shannon chose low maintenance varieties in his own garden.

“I always recommend choosing relevant plants to your area and native, drought tolerant plants are always best,” he says.

Spring is the best time of year to get gardening. Picture: Pexels

A herb garden could also thrive in spring. Try your hand at making your own planter box for an added project!

If you’re already happy with your garden, this is a good time to “get it ready for growth”, Shannon adds.

Get crafty with accessories

Consider turning your hand to a more fun crafty project, like jazzing up your letterbox, painting some pots or building a bird house.

The more handy of us may choose to build something from scratch. However, you can purchase plenty of ready-made or prefab products that you can then decorate.

Make it fun and colourful, involve kids, friends or neighbours if allowed and let the sky be your limit! Remember, you can always paint it again next spring.


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