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6 Simple Transformations To Give Your Home That Wow Factor

By Rachel Wallace

Want to create a dazzling space with minimal effort?

There are a few excellent ways to revolutionise a room without doing a full renovation or throwing out all your furniture.

We spoke to Catherine Heraghty, interior designer and founder of interior styling company The Stables, to gather some easy solutions that will give your home that elusive ‘wow’ factor.

Refresh your window furnishings

Whether curtains, shutters or blinds, new window furnishings will immediately add impact to a space.

Not only will they offer a new or different visual element, but they can impact how light, shade and heat enter your space. Therefore, it’s important to consider the most practical solution, as well as the most stylish.

A combination of blinds and sheer curtains can help you control light and privacy.

For instance, the Luxaflex® Luminette® Privacy Sheers are perfect for a living room that needs more natural light but also mandates maximum privacy.

Meanwhile, Luxaflex® Duette® Shades are a unique light-blocking solution which can be opened from either the top or bottom to allow for your desired level of light, privacy and heat control.

“The practicality of the honeycomb cells [in the Luxaflex® Duette® Shades] are a game changer,” Catherine says. “They trap air in the pockets keeping you cool in summer and warmer in winter.”

Change the colour or texture of your walls

We all know fresh paint can change up the appearance of a room, but have you thought about other ways you can make over your walls?

Even if you’re content with the colour of your room, you can update the texture and overall look through wall panelling.

Wall panelling creates a point of interest and another layer or texture in a room.

“Supplied as large sheets [and easily purchased from your local hardware store], wall panelling can be applied over the top of existing walls. It’s cost effective, easy to install and it can completely transform a space,” Catherine says. “It naturally creates a cosier, more homely feel.”

Update fittings and fixtures

A high-impact cosmetic renovation could simply involve changing a few door knobs or taps.

Some carefully considered door handles can help change the style and theme of a room, especially when paired with a few other touches, such as key decor items and your new window shades.

Go from early-noughties daggy to something classic and timeless with just a few adjustments!

Create new light

“Having more than one type of light source in a house can make so much difference to how the house is experienced at night time,” Catherine says. “Adding light pendants is an easy way to update your home but also create a soft source of light at night time, rather than only having harsh down lights.”

This kitchen has an ideal combination of down lights, pendant lights and natural light for all needs.

If you’re not keen on redoing the lights in your ceiling, consider if you can add floor or table lamps to create mood lighting at night and decorate your space during the day.

Find a statement piece

You don’t need to throw out your entire living room or bedroom suite – you may just need to add a chair!

“Occasional chairs are a designer’s secret weapon in large master bedrooms,” Catherine concedes. “Clients are often at a loss as to how to fill oversized master bedrooms to make them feel complete, but a simple chair styled-well can solve this problem anytime.”

Create a little ‘nook’ with your chair by adding a small side table and artwork to tie it all in. Just add a pile of your favourite books atop the table and you have the perfect reading vignette.

Decorate your walls with art

Finally, move the eye around the room with features at different height levels. This might mean hanging some wall art.

Decorate walls with art, or try a wallpaper motif that you love.

Catherine admits choosing art can be difficult as it is typically very subjective. However, whatever you choose, she recommends making it something you love.

“If you choose something you connect with, you will love it for longer,” she says. “Whereas if you’re just choosing based on what’s on-trend or what you see on Instagram, you’ll be steered wrong. It’s about personal connection.”


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