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6 tips to help you find the right agent

By Rentals Frankston

During our lives we buy and sell a lot of things, but there are very few things we buy and sell that are worth more than a property.

Whether you are selling your lifetime home or an investment property, finding and choosing a real estate agent is a big decision.

As a property stylist and property developer, I often have clients seeking my opinion as to who I recommend they work with. As a result, part of my role has become working with clients on their selection process and helping them to make an informed decision.

Here are 6 tips to help choose the right agent for you.

1. Research

Research potential agents just like you would similar properties and your potential buyers. There are many different real estate agencies to choose from. Look at a few to get an insight into how they work.

2. Look local

The agent you choose is going to represent you and your property. It’s important that the agent  you choose knows the area you’re selling in, and knows the other properties for sale, and that have sold recently.

Other properties in the area could be competition to your sale, and it’s good to know what you’re up against.

An agent who knows the local scene can assess your home as it sits in the market, alongside similar properties.

3. Get out & about

One of the best ways to research your shortlisted agents is at open house inspections, so why not pop into one and see your agent in action.

You don’t have to choose open homes of properties that are similar to yours, just use the opportunity to see how your agent presents an open house and deals with potential buyers. It can also be a good time to say hello and get some contact details.

At the inspection watch and interact with the agent, taking note of the following things:

  • The way the agent communicates and interacts with potential buyers. Is their communication style one that you’re comfortable with?
  • Their behavior at the open house inspection. Did they stand at the door and welcome everyone? Did they proactively identify the features of the property for sale? Were they able to answer all your questions about the property?
  • Did they follow up with you after your attendance at the open house inspection to see if you wanted more information about the property?  Is this something you want your agent to do?
  • Were they on time to the open home and other appointments?
  • What do you think of the marketing/advertising for the properties the agent has listed?

4. Comfort matters

Do you feel comfortable with the agent? You need to be very honest with an agent during the selling process and hence you need to make sure you are comfortable with the agent and can have open and honest communications.

5. Check the results

Look at the agent’s results, making sure you look at properties the agent has sold recently. Ask for the hard facts, sale prices, time on market etc.

Take a look at what’s sold in your area in the past six months and who’s been managing the property.

6. Market knowledge

The agent should be able to give you a thorough snapshot of the market in your area and surrounding areas. They should know about schools, transport, demographics and the sorts of buyers looking for homes in the area.

These are just a few of the top tips and the initial things you need to consider when selecting an agent – so happy selling and buying.


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