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8 stylish ways to warm up the home for winter

By Mikaela Fowler

Chic and cosy styling hacks to elevate your interiors as the temperature drops.

Just as we pull overcoats, thermals and scarves out from the depths of our wardrobe in preparation for winter, there are steps we should take to ready our homes as well.
While keeping warm is our first priority, there is no reason to sacrifice the stylish appearance of our surroundings while we do so.
Here are some tips for styling your home this winter:
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Stock up on firewood

A tidy stack by the fireplace will double as a statement centrepiece to tie your space together. Chic by day, and by night you can use the wood transform your living room into a cosy and inviting area – just add a plush couch.

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Invest in functional window treatments with flair

Once you’ve got your fireplace set up (or air-con turned on), you’ll want to keep the heat in with effective window treatments. Our pick? Wynstan’s innovative Whisper Cellular blinds. Designed with a unique cellular structure (that resembles honeycomb), the blinds allow for air to pass through it and become trapped. This D-shaped design means that in winter your home will trap warm air and in summer it will repel the outdoor’s heat. You’ll be able to save money on your home’s energy bill, reduce noise (another advantage of the blinds’ unique design) and stay stylishly warm.

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Embrace luxe textures

This year, it’s all about tapping into natural tones and textures when it comes to accessorising your space. Think sherpa rugs, shaggy throws and faux fur cushions to liven up your space and create a cosy place to snuggle up in as the weather cools down.

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Place a stylish chair by the fire

You’ll be surprised at just how much difference a statement chair can add to your room’s aesthetic. Whether you opt for classic and cosy or modern and minimalist, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book in front of the fireplace in your favourite chair.

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Turn up the heat in the kitchen

Transform the heart of your home into a bustling hotspot this winter. It’s all about hearty meals and decadent smells, so invest in some beautiful seasonal produce and cook up some delicious winter warmers. Hot tip: put produce on display to add a splash of colour and style to your space.

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Redecorate the fireplace

Fireplace feeling drab and dated? Try decorating or redecorating the surroundings to breathe new life into your space. There are no rules here – you can add, subtract or swap out mantle accessories to suit your space or your mood.

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Employ window treatments for skylights

Skylights serve as a beautiful way to optimise a space’s natural light, however they can also make rooms much cooler during winter months. Wynstan’s Whisper Cellular blinds are one of the few window coverings that can be specifically designed to cover skylights. Thanks to its air-trapping design, the blinds can block out or filter light and heat. In fact, cellular shades provide the most insulation compared to any other soft window furnishing product! Other than saving you money off your winter heating bills, the system is super flexible: thanks to its On the Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU) option, you can control privacy and lighting.

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Add a statement rug

For a more flexible alternative to carpeting your home, try laying a statement rug on hardwood or tiled areas. Not only will this make a cosy addition to your space but will also add personality and flair. Plus, a rug gives you the option to style according to the seasons so you can switch up your aesthetic to align with the latest design trends.


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