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Australia’s Best Beachside Suburbs

By Rachael Vrana

At first owning your own home was the ‘Australian’ dream, but as the weather has gotten hotter over the years, nothing has been more appealing than an ocean frontage. The ability to jump in to the water on those unbearably hot days, as well as being able to leave the windows open to let the sea breeze come in can’t be underestimated. We have asked the people where the best and most desired beachside suburbs are, and it will surprise you what they came up with.

Brighton, VIC

Brighton is Melbourne’s answer to the glamour beaches of Sydney. It may not be visually as appealing but offers the perfect lifestyle for those wanting a beachside set up. It has docks where you can easily lodge your jet-skis, and a really nice path that leads all the way in to the CBD. It has an abundance of mansions and glamour homes that you have to see to believe, and some call it the beachside ‘Toorak’

Seaford, VIC

“I don’t care what anyone says, Seaford is the ultimate spot, 30 minutes from city, and 30 minutes from Rosebud, right on the beach, it’s amazing in summer and a great suburb if you like being fit. There are also great riding tracks to ensure you get plenty of fresh air!” That is the verdict from a local resident who just can’t get enough of Seaford. Reasonably affordable with the housing demand not peaking in that part of Melbourne’s South East, it is truly a suburb to consider if you are a beach lover.

Tamarama, NSW

Tamarama never gets as much air time as that of Bondi or Bronte, but it is understated and possibly one of the best beachside suburbs that NSW has to offer. Its charm lies in the fact that it is more secluded than Bondi and a lot prettier. You can get there easily from the Bondi to Bronte walk along the cliffs and has a little bit of a hippy vibe about it. There doesn’t seem to be a care in the world in Tamarama, and could be the sea change you’re after if you’re looking to slow down a little.

Clovelly, NSW

Clovelly is located 8 kilometres south-east of Sydney’s CBD. It has four small shopping precincts, a post office, community bank, chemist, newsagent and bottle shop. It’s like living in your own little world. At the corner of Arden St and Clovelly Road is another small precinct including another newsagent. There is a feeling of community around here and a relaxed vibe. A great beach side area to invest.

Woodgate, QLD

Situated near Bundaberg, this cost little beach side suburb is a great place to unwind, the beach is lovely and the sand is clear and free of dirt and rubbish. The water is also exceptionally clean. It is a great place to live with easy beach access, and also provides a great place for fishing. Very quite when not in peak season, providing a great place to unwind.

Burleigh Heads, QLD

One of our users mentions that Burleigh Heads Burleigh Heads is a must visit. “It has avoided the tourist trap and is the best place on the coast to live. It is hot all year round and provides a very casual vibe. The main features are the surf break and the fact it is just a lot quieter than surfers paradise and other tourist areas. Great place to live with good schools near by.”

Cottesloe, WA

Cottesloe has been mentioned as ‘The best in Australia to live, I Love Cottesloe because of the fantastic beach… I used to swim here every weekend as a boy and now bring my kids here all through the summer… it is very scenic and the water is fresh. It isn’t a cheap area to live, but a great place to live if you have the $$’ whilst this user may have a bias as they also mentioned that they proposed to their girlfriend there, it seems to be the best in the west!


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