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Avoid common decorating mistakes

By Rachel Wallace

Buying your first property is an unforgettable experience, and it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make to set yourself on the path of wealth creation.

And if you’ve achieved this goal during the current economic times, you’ve done incredibly well so congratulations!

Owning a first home can also be unforgettable if you’ve never redecorated or renovated. Figuring out how to hang wallpaper or what colour to paint a room can be challenging if you’ve never done it before.

These top tips will help you avoid some common renovation mistakes.

In a hurry

It’s best to live in your new home for at least six months before making any radical renovation decisions. You’ll get a feel for how you live in the property, as this will reveal the projects to address first.

Colour blind

Redecorating and choosing colours is a skill. Many paint stores will offer colour combinations and wallpapers to make your life easier. If you’re in doubt, go with neutrals and soft whites.

Stay in your lane

Some tasks should be left to the professionals. Don’t overreach on the DIY front. Down the track, when you’re ready to sell, buyers will be able to tell which improvements were completed by a builder and those that were not. Potentially, this reduces your home’s value.

Cleaning and maintenance

Always consider the cleaning aspect of any improvements. For example, if you lay bathroom floor tiles with white grout, that grout will go an ugly grey quickly. Cleaning it will be a never-ending chore. Similarly, a cheap countertop is a false economy. It will show grease stains and require constant wiping down.

Fancy furnishings

Cheap furniture can spoil the enjoyment of your home. Invest in a comfortable couch and chairs, plus a nice dining table. If you like reused furniture, ensure each piece matches a theme. Check out Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. You don’t want your home to look like a second-hand store.

Garden plants

Plan your front and back yards carefully. Don’t plant large trees close to utility pipes or so near the home it sheds leaves into the gutters once fully grown. Sometimes it’s polite to talk to your neighbours about the trees you want.

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