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Expert tips for a bedroom makeover

By Mikaela Fowler

These summer holidays, every second tween girl seems to have her heart set on a bedroom makeover. Which got us thinking, sometimes parents also dream of an updated look for their bedroom retreat.

This can be as simple as splashing out on some new purchases, or as involved as removing the furniture and throwing down drop cloths, as interior designer Antonia Frew explains.

“There are many easy ways to give your bedroom a fresh new look,” she says, starting with the placement of furniture, which can make a huge difference. “Remove surplus pieces that are taking up space and no longer useful.”

Frew says every bedroom needs a comfortable chair (“the fabric on the chair can also introduce a pop of colour into a room”), together with a bedside lamp and table on each side of the bed.

Frew says bedside tables are indispensable for housing laptops, iPads, family photos and ebooks. “Bedside lamps are also a must,” she adds. “They can sit on your bedside table or can be wall mounted if space is an issue.”

Frew also suggests updating bedlinen and buying new scatter cushions to dress the bed – you could also invest in an upholstered bedhead for a stylish update.

As well as being great insulators, window furnishings soften the look of windows and can really complete a room’s décor. “Use a pattern that contains the colour of the walls for continuity, or shutters and energy efficient roller blinds,” suggests Frew.

On a larger scale, changing the colour of the walls is one of the most impactful ways to update a bedroom. “Remember, it’s a bedroom so the palette need to be restful,” says Frew. “Think warm hues such as soft peaches and warm whites for east-facing rooms and cooler greys and blue-based whites for west-facing rooms.”

Alternatively, instead of painting you could create a new feature wall by hanging wallpaper behind the bed, which will instantly update the room.

Not sure where to start? Look for inspiration on Pinterest, interiors magazines, your local homewares store and online.

Choosing the right bedding

Let’s face it, your bed takes up a lot of real estate in a room, so it’s important for the bedding to work with everything else in the space.

“The linens on your bed have the ability to change the mood of your room entirely,” says Laura Ashmore, Dri-Glo brand manager.

“When updating the style of your quilt, it’s important to complement existing furnishings and colours. I suggest first thinking about what colours make you feel tranquil, happy and comfortable, as well as understanding what colour accents you have in your room.

“Pick a new quilt that works into these accents and celebrates the colours that make you feel good. To complete the look, pick out the colours in your curtains, rugs and carpets, and select throws and cushions for your bed that have those tones.”


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