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Genius home selling hack for a Christmas bonus

By Ashley Weston

Property expert and commentator Tom Panos is seeing a unique ‘list now, launch later’ strategy gain significant momentum.

Home sellers are flying under the radar with a brilliant selling strategy that could lead to a January boom, Tom Panos writes.

One of the dilemmas for vendors right now, is whether to list on the market before Christmas or after. While you do have time to go onto the market now, you would be cutting it fine. This December will run longer than others due to the time lost during COVID lockdown and restrictions. December 19 for example looks to have a lot of auctions this year.

A great strategy many are using is called ‘list now, launch later’. What this means is that an agent lists your property and has it on their books but without launching a full marketing campaign. This allows a vendor to catch a desperate buyer who might be looking over the festive season and may pay a premium price because not much else is on the market.

It’s always much better to sell in isolation than in competition. This trend will be more profound as people won’t be travelling overseas for holidays this year. says December and January is a strong period for consumers on their portal. This period will be even more profound due to the massive appetite of buyers to get in, as fear of missing out is clearly on their minds.

The added benefit of this strategy is that if the property is not sold, the agent and vendor has an advantage when launching in the new year by having access to photographers and advertising preparation before everyone else. Traditionally most vendors would come on after Australia Day and the Australian Open. This year agents are already getting ready to launch early to mid January.

So what does this plan look like for a vendor?
1. Get your agent to look at your home and list it. At most you will have a board up and an advert up on the portals saying forthcoming sale.
2. Don’t put a price on it.
3. No other marketing.

Your agent might have a buyer or come across someone who wants to look at it right away and that’s okay. Sometimes you can get an outstanding offer in the first few days.

Finally, one important factor is that the market is hot. It’s the best I have seen it. Back in March, real estate analysts forecast the market would drop between 10 and 30 per cent. They have since revised their forecast. But after 35 years of real estate, I realise things change quickly. In a few months we will see the end of JobKeeper and mortgage repayment holidays. These wind-ups could take out some of the steam. That’s why I have seen a number of my clients who have done well in property over the years looking at a ‘sell high, buy low’ strategy.

Right now, there are lots of buyers. What we don’t know is what March will look like next year. Many experts say the market will be strong for most of next year, but the same experts said real estate markets would be massacred this year. No one sets the market. The market sets the market.

This article written by Tom Panos and was first published on

List now, launch later with Ray White Frankston

So far in December, the following sellers received offers that were so compelling they decided to sell “off market” via this innovative ‘list now, launch later’ strategy;

  • 24 The Crest Frankston South
  • 29 Scoble St Frankston South
  • 2/103 Dunsterville Cr Frankston
  • 30 Summit Rd Frankston
  • 19 Coolgardie St Frankston North
  • 1/93 Yuille St Frankston South

As the highest selling agency across the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region (according to data), we receive more enquiry and therefore have the largest database of active buyers.

If a substantial offer is placed on your home during the festive season you have two options; you can either happily accept the offer or simply ‘launch later’ in January – nothing ventured, nothing gained!

To discuss this unique selling strategy in further detail, enquire via the appraisal form below, and your local Ray White expert will be in touch.

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