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Google Reviews – Q & A with Sophie Christy from Ray White Frankston

By Jessie Stewart

Our Corporate team recently sat down with our very own Sophie Christy of Ray White Frankston to talk about the importance of Google reviews and how they have helped our business. Ray White Frankston currently has over 340 reviews with a 4.8/5 star rating.

How did you get your customers to write your Google reviews?

“We have great systems in place to obtain our Google Reviews. Every time we receive a positive NPS response, our team members are prompted to thank the client for taking the time to provide their feedback and request a Google Review off the back of this. This goes for sales agents, and also for our property managers for whom we conduct a quarterly NPS style customer satisfaction survey. We make it known to the client that Google Reviews are an important part of our business and how we grade our customer service levels. We make it as easy as possible for them to provide the review by emailing the Google Review link along with their NPS comments, so all they have to do is copy the text, click the link and submit! As these clients have identified themselves as promoters, they are generally more than happy to jump on Google and provide their feedback.”

“Within the last 12 months, we’ve started running a monthly ‘Review Rally’ which is a non-negotiable call session for all team members to take part in, and is solely geared toward driving Google Reviews. This is run as a friendly competition, with the winner being awarded a cash prize in our monthly meeting. These call sessions have proved hugely beneficial in receiving masses of reviews and creating distance between ourselves and competitors in the area each month.”

How have Google reviews impacted your business?

“The impact of receiving so many positive reviews is multi-faceted I suppose. We see the benefit of holding a 4.8 star rating through lead generation, referrals and creating a massive point of difference between us and our competition. This is also a great talking point with clients; we are able to show cold hard facts about the difference between the customer service we provide compared with our competitors in the area. We constantly monitor our reviews compared with the top 10 agencies in the area, so we are constantly striving to stay in that number one spot, and create marketing pieces around this to push out through social media and letter drops. It’s also a great chance to celebrate our wonderful team members and highlight the great service they are providing to our clients and community.”

Do you have any other comments?

“We make a point to thank all customers on the public Google forum with a reply, but this goes for any negative reviews too! It is important for our community to see that we take all feedback seriously, and that we appreciate people taking the time to provide feedback (good or bad) as this assists us in continuing to improve our processes and service. If a negative review is posted, every effort is made to get in contact with the customer and to discuss and resolve their concerns.”


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