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How to bring your home to life with colour this spring

By Mikaela Fowler

Looking to revitalise your home this spring? According to experts, all it takes is an inspired palette, pop of colour, and good dose of creativity.

“2020 has been life-changing and it’s exciting to start afresh at home,” says designer Sally Satriani. “Using colour in different ways is a simple and transformative way to bring life to any space.”

Living colour

Nothing refreshes or pulls the outdoors inside like lush greenery.

“Indoor plants team well with neutral and bright colour schemes,” says Satriani.

“Place against one of this season’s favourite muted colours, like taupe, greige or dusty pink – it’s green’s perfect backdrop. Rich leaves also look beautiful next to shades of blue, and accentuate brights like yellow and orange.”

The monstera deliciosa plant is a good option for indoor spaces. Photo: FollowTheFlow / iStock

Look for verdant species that don’t need full sun to survive, like monstera deliciosa, ZZ plant, or philodendron. Feature singularly or in a group, placing in terracotta pots or brightly hand painted vessels for a living shot of colour.

Freshen up walls 

Paint walls in crisp white to emphasise natural light and brighten a space.

“It’s so timeless,” says designer Camilla Molders. “If you prefer colour, look to this spring’s most popular, teal, green and blue, and team with clean white trims and ceiling. White always helps emphasise colour so beautifully.”

For more neutral tones, Satriani suggests looking to the environment for inspiration and colours that “speak to you”. “Earthy tones are calming for home,” she says. “Look for shades of blue, rich forest greens, rusty oranges, and soft pinks.”

Breathe new life into an old sofa with a selection of colourful cushions. Photo: Stocksy

After choosing your colours (the fun part), equip like an expert for a professional looking DIY result.

“Success lies in your tools,” says Mark O’Connor from Monarch. “Often priority is placed on quality paint, but a good job requires equally premium brushes.”

Choose brushes based on your project. “If it’s a big area, a large thick wall brush that carries more paint ensures a faster job,” he says. “Use it to cut into the area’s perimeter, then fill in with a roller. For smaller areas and details like trims, use a thin sash brush for precision and control.”

Select rollers made from microfibre for a smooth finish. “Unlike cheaper polyester rollers, it doesn’t bounce on walls, leave behind fluff, and holds paint evenly,” says O’Connor.

“Monarch rollers are made from a premium ultra-microfibre that come in different naps designed for every type of project. The thicker the microfibre, the more paint it holds.”

Match furnishings with artwork for a cohesive colour moment. Photo: iStock

Devil is in the details

Add instant polish to a space by paying special attention to small details and key areas. Create a feature wall in a tranquil or bold colour to create a strong visual statement. “Ensure it’s a wall that deserves to be a focal feature and balance it with furniture placement,” suggests Molders.

For instant impact, spruce up an old piece of furniture by painting it in a bright hue like sunshine yellow or bright green, or overhaul the front door in glossy black, fire engine red, or soft pink. Makeover interior door frames, windowsills and skirting boards in a contrasting colour, or update with white paint.

“Classic white trims brighten a space and provide longevity,” says Satriani. “There’s always the freedom to change the wall colour, while the trims, ceilings, cornices and doors remain bright white.”

Overhaul the front door or makeover interior windowsills and skirting boards for instant impact. Photo: Stocksy

Art and decor

Breathe life into a neutral scheme by adding a single accent colour throughout in the form of glassware, cushions and artwork. Dress up a room with a soft coloured curtain or update an old sofa with a selection of cushions in tones like pinks and reds.

“It’s a great way to add colour if you don’t want to commit to a major piece of furniture,” says Molders.

“Tie in colours using scatter cushions or window furnishings that pick up colours in your artwork for a cohesive colour moment. Lamp shades are an easy way to be bolder with colour choices too.”


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