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How To Perfect A Bedroom Theme

By Rachel Wallace

Want to redecorate your bedroom? We’ve got some expert tips on designing a space to suit your style. 

When it comes to any kind of interior design and styling, the first place to start is with a mood board.

This process helps to refine your tastes. Find out exactly what you like before you start hitting the shops and packing your space with new furniture.

Speaking with experts in the field, we dissect some popular bedroom styles and find out exactly how you can get the look.

Luxury bedroom theme

A luxury theme feels and looks decadent. Hallmarks are plush, heavy fabrics; excess drapery; bold, royal colours; and a little ‘shine’. Think velvet, fur, silk and anything that visually screams ‘opulence’.

A luxury aesthetic is opulent, with lush fabrics and drapery. Picture: Unsplash

“You don’t need to spend a fortune to create this look, despite it’s deliberate, expensive feel,” says Yvonne Stinson, General Manager of Product for Snooze. “A few key pieces and accessories in the right finishes and sumptuous, tactile fabrics can really set off this style to exude glamour.”

Danielle Frazzetto, a content director who works with Snooze on defining their creative vision, appreciates that this theme makes a statement.

“Think about upholstered bed frames, [as well as] different shapes, like curved and scrolled. You’ll see a lot of pleating, stitching and button details. They’re very intricate pieces that have that handcrafted look and feel.”

This theme tends to work better in larger spaces due to pieces and accessories generally being more bulky, and they’re beautifully complimented by opulent features like light fixtures.

Contemporary bedroom theme

Modern themes are typically defined as being sleek and simple. It disposes of ornate details and luxuries and represents what’s left – something simple, but stylish.

A bed like this will modernise your bedroom. Picture: Snooze

Consider a contemporary theme when you want to pare everything back to a clean, functional and fuss-free space.

When it comes to furniture, this look is quite versatile and can fit nicely with most other styles and existing pieces – i.e. it’s perfect if you’re not styling a bedroom from scratch.

“Although contemporary can seem quite mainstream, don’t be afraid to mix in one or two signature pieces to add personality and warmth,” Yvonne adds. “A splash of colour in linen, throws and cushions can set this look apart.”

A contemporary bedroom suite can be found in a variety of materials. An easy way to create the style is to go with minimal, Scandinavian-inspired timber as this look is always popular.

Natural bedroom theme

Nature-inspired or organic looks are very on trend. Packed with raw materials and textures, this look brings the outside in.

“Natural wood is really at its best when the timber is of a more superior quality and finished to a high standard, particularly in cabinetry and wooden bed frames with a simple definition,” Yvonne explains.

Danielle adds that this is a good choice for people trying to warm up their space stylistically.

“This look is defined by warm and earthy tones and timber in all sorts of colours and finishes,” she says.

While colour palettes will tend towards earthy browns and greens, it can work just as well with other neutral but nature-inspired palettes like sand and stone colours. Of course, a well-placed house plant is the cherry on top.

Classical bedroom theme

Finally, the classic theme is just as it sounds: timeless.

Dress it up or down – a classic bedroom look is timeless. Picture: Snooze

This theme is perhaps somewhere between – or within – country classic and French provincial styles. Think of it as comfortable and simple, with a touch of elegance.

“Think about traditional furniture pieces, usually in subtle and sophisticated tones that sit well in quite a neutral space,” Danielle explains. “The idea is that this [theme] will never really go out of style.”

In other words, if you’re prone to making loud statements with your style, this isn’t for you. But if you like timeless sophistication that you can dress up or down, this is your jackpot.

Remember: designs and styles are subjective and fluid, and it can be hard to pinpoint what you truly like. Browsing different collection styles online and exploring displays in stores will help you better define your preferred style.


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