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How To Style The Ultimate Kid’s Bedroom

By Rachel Wallace

Do you need cubby houses and bunk bed slides to make the ultimate kid’s bedroom? Or can it be a little simpler?

Lifestyle blogger and mum of three, Jess Dempsey, reveals her tips to create the ultimate kid’s bedroom to please both parent and child.

Keep it simple

When it comes to decor, the best kid’s bedrooms are pared back. Minimalise bits and bobs on surfaces when you’re starting out — it allows you to add to or change the space easily as the child grows.

If you’re furnishing a room from scratch, it’s wise to choose items that won’t date quickly.

Stylist Jess Dempsey finds picking neutral furniture is an easy solution for growing kids. Picture: Eugene Hyland Photography

“When we were renovating, I knew I’d be making rooms for boys who were growing,” Jess explains.

“I didn’t want to commit to colour palettes or anything that they would outgrow.

“I wanted to make sure we kept things minimal and neutral in terms of the wall paint, that their furniture would see them through as they grow and also fit with different themes and styles as their taste matures.”

Add colour

Bring in some colour to your child’s space via artwork and soft furnishings.

“Each kid is very different,” Jess says. “I may have three boys, but they’re three very different boys and they like different things. So, I like to make sure the colour represents them.

“My oldest boy is quite conservative and likes things to be neat and neutral, so he likes navy and softer colour palettes. Meanwhile, my middle child is quite wild and likes fun things, so he loves a lot of prints and things that will really let his fun personality shine through.”

Kids’ bedrooms are supposed to be fun. Don’t shy away from fun colour combos. Picture: Eugene Hyland Photography

To incorporate colour, Jess recommends utilising bedding and artwork, which can easily be changed as the child grows and their taste evolves.

Create a ‘sleep zone’

A good night’s sleep is vital for everyone. You’ll want to create a safe, warm and cosy bed space where your child feels at rest.

However, when it comes to style, fun bed linen is the easiest and most affordable way to add some colour to a bedroom space. Jess recently styled her kids’ rooms with the Bonds bedding range.

“The Bonds bed linen can totally bring a room to life,” Jess finds. “The fun prints and bold colours became the hero of the room. I love that I could change things up for some excitement for the boys by flipping it to the reverse side.”


Fun-tastic bed linen is going to make your kids’ bedroom come alive! Picture: Bonds

Bonds new bedding, available online or at selected Big W stores nationwide, is not only stylish and affordable, but it’s made with organic cotton, meaning your little one can snuggle into the comfiest ‘sleep zone’.

With reversible patterns ranging from animal print to florals and more, the range is built to inspire imaginations and cater to a range of personalities.

Struggling to get to the kids to sleep? Try Bonds’ new augmented reality experience to help make their bedtime routine a dream. The ‘bedtime buddy’ guides kids through a sleep routine, from shaking their sillies out, to brushing their teeth, all the way through to story time and a restful slumber. Not a bad deal to get your sheets helping out around the house, are we right?


Bedding that helps your kids get ready for bed? Where do we sign? Picture: Bonds

Have some fun

Bedrooms needn’t be all about function and sleep. A child’s bedroom is their safe haven, their play space and place to let their imaginations run wild.

Create a reading nook with bean bags, floor cushions or a little tent cubby. Have a table for colouring and creating. Have an old or colourful trunk filled with dress-ups or items that allow for world building in their minds.

With any luck, creating these spaces will encourage your kids to use them for activities that keep them entertained for hours!

Reading nooks and cubbies are fun ways to incorporate whimsy and imagination into a child’s room. Picture: Eugene Hyland Photography

Storage, storage, storage

Storage is going to be a sanity saver.

“We have built-in wardrobes in every room — we’re very lucky,” Jess shares. “We’ve had homes before where we haven’t had this kind of storage in our rooms, so we know how great it is to have a place where we can put old toys away but they know where they are.”

Even if you have built-in wardrobes, focus on including some storage that’s open and easily accessible, like drawers, baskets and tubs, where things can be put away without a lot of fuss.

Empower your child

Ensuring a child feels empowered means giving them space to make choices. Ask them what kind of room they want and let them play a role.

Styling is half the fun! Empower your kids by encouraging them to make style choices in their bedroom. Picture: Eugene Hyland Photography

“Get them involved in the selecting process,” Jess suggests. “I want my kids to love their bedroom; I want them to love going to bed and I want them to be proud of their room.”

However, to avoid a situation where Marvel comic book heroes or Peppa Pig takes over the room, you could choose a couple of options you would both be happy with and let them make the final call. That way, they get a sense of ownership over the decision but you are still in control of the situation.

“For my eldest boys, I do narrow it down and give them options to select, like saying ‘which of these two things to do you love?’ and then they choose and get excited about it looking nice,” Jess says. “Whereas my littlest one is four [years old], so I like to pick pieces for him.”

You don’t have indulge every whim, but allowing them to pick colour palettes and quilt covers goes a long way.

After all, the best kids bedroom will be a space they genuinely love.


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