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Transform your outdoor area for Spring.

By Rachel Wallace
Your patio space should serve pride of place as a natural extension of your interior living environment.

Fortunately, there are countless ways you can transform your outdoor dwelling into a functional space that commands attention.

From carefully incorporating outdoor furniture and water features to creating your own shower sanctuary or outdoor kitchen, we explore six superb outdoor patio ideas that will reinvigorate your backyard in time for spring.


Photograph by Andri Beauchamp

A point of difference is always important with a patio, and the soothing sounds of water can instantly bring life to a stagnant outdoor space. A water feature is an ideal solution not only for counteracting any intrusive sounds but also for bringing some personality to your enclosed patio.

Consider the focal point benefits of a pebble water fountain or the tranquil possibilities of a lilypond populated by large tropical fish. And if you’re concerned with attracting an array of mozzies to your outdoor patio due to the water, consider including some efficient mosquitofish to keep those unwanted pests at bay.

Peaceful and relaxing, a water feature thrives as an enchanting fixture for your outdoor patio.


A streamlined, aesthetically pleasing outdoor shower can make all the difference to the functionality of your space and transform your backyard sanctuary no matter the season. The benefits of an outdoor shower are indisputable, enabling the ability to wash off after a dip in the pool or time spent on the beach.

Whether you want it to blend in with your existing space or stand out to make a statement, outdoor showers are an intriguing talking point in time for spring. To help you make that aesthetic decision, ABI Interiors’ Sola Outdoor Shower Set comes in four finishes: brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, or stainless steel.


Photograph by Prue Ruscoe

A backyard patio idea to make your outdoor space more inviting is to make the focus a firepit. It would enlighten all the senses, too, bringing its distinctive qualities of sight, sound, and smell into your backyard to influence the ambience.

Whether seeking attention as an eye-opening fixture or used more discreetly as a secluded hideout, the powerful addition of a firepit can truly transform your patio space.


Great for shade and preserving privacy, pergolas can serve many positive purposes, and they all add up to strengthen your space. Pergolas are traditionally used to block the sun’s harsh rays and are also good for revitalising your backyard space.

Consider decorating your patio outdoor setting with a pergola that incorporates a climbing vine and fairy lighting, or concealing the top completely to help preserve your furniture and wider backyard. Pergolas are also a great way to frame your enclosed patio and further enrich its intimate setting.


If you are stuck for backyard patio ideas, it is often refreshing to focus on the furniture first. Choosing characterful patio furniture that makes a statement is one of the best ways to turn a drab dwelling into something that speaks volumes.

For peace of mind, outdoor rattan furniture is often the go-to due to its strong, water-resistant qualities that can withstand all the elements that mother nature can throw at it. It is also a go-to for its attractive woven rattan texture and versatility, not to mention its natural eco-friendly qualities.


Depending on the space available to you, why not consider maximising the functionality of your outdoor area by turning it into a resourceful patio outdoor kitchen?

While it may be the most intricate and time-consuming of our patio garden ideas, the right approach would help reduce those relentless trips indoors.

So, consider the unique benefits of implementing functional fixtures such as an outside pizza oven, outdoor sink, fridge, and outdoor kitchen cabinets to house those basic barbeque condiments, and it could revolutionise your outdoor patio space.


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