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10 ways to get creative with your rental styling

By Rentals Frankston
Think you can’t get creative with styling when you’re renting?
Think again. There may be a lot of rules when it comes to rental makeovers. But that shouldn’t put a dampener on your artistic ambitions.In fact, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to display your prized pieces of artwork, or your family portraits; the limitations just mean you need to use a little bit of creativity. With that in mind, here are 10 rental decorating ideas, to transform your ‘right now’ rental into a ‘home’ that you’ll never want to leave.

1. Dress up an Ikea room divider

Walls are generally off-limits in rentals. But that doesn’t mean you should rule out buying artwork or putting up photographs. After all, that’s what makes a house a home.

Room dividers allow you to hang up precious statements of individuality, and they can also play home to plants and shrubbery. Two birds, one well-crafted stone.

2. Use ladders to store your personal belongings

Just like the room divider, ladders provide room for personal expression, without damaging the integrity of your walls.

They’re also versatile and very on-trend. Drape throws, rugs or blankets over the rungs to add texture and a bit of colour, or use one as an aesthetically pleasing storage item.

3. Add macrame wall hangings

Macrame wall hangings were a big hit back in the ’70s and they’ve definitely made a comeback, particularly in homes that embody a coastal vibe.

Macrame art is a great decorating option for renters. The pieces add character to your home and are a light alternative to canvas wall art. What’s more, they can usually be hung on sticky wall hooks that can easily be removed, without leaving a mark on your walls.

4. Style a wall with Instagram pics

These days, most of us do a lot more than just shoot from the hip and upload; our Instagram feeds are works of art and should be treated as such.

Use painters tape to mark out a grid structure and then apply a piece of rolled tape to the corner of each individual snap to stick it to the wall.

5. Hang art on clothespins

Not sold on the above recommendation? Try hanging your snaps – or small pieces of artwork, for that matter – with clothespins instead.

Use tape to stick two ends of a piece of a string to a wall, and then hang up your art using clothespins. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

6. Hang up a wall organiser or shelf unit

Storage is often in short supply in rentals, but if you get creative there are loads of ways you can use storage solutions to help liven up your rental. Which is why you should get acquainted with wall organisers or shelf units, a storage item that’s hard to beat.

You could even get stuck into a little bit of DIY, using simple canvas and felt to create a piece that adds a touch of bohemian swagger to your home.

7. Add a herb garden to your kitchen

Showy yet practical, herb gardens are a fantastic way to add colour to your kitchen. Start small and grow the collection in step with your culinary development – because there’s nothing sadder than wilted plants.

House your new botanic pals in vintage tea tins, mason jars, or a handful of hanging planters. And make sure you sit them close to a window

8. Bring in oversized planter baskets

Oversized planter baskets with lush tropical foliage make for an eye-catching statement in your home. They add texture, and look great when paired with different size baskets.herb

Plant stands are also great, non-fixed options for renters.

Bear in mind that most plants thrive in well-lit environments, so you’ll need to make sure your rental has enough light, before stocking up on greenery.

9. Add scented candles and books to your coffee table

When styling your coffee table, it’s all about balance; you want to showcase some statement pieces, without going overboard and leaving the space looking cluttered.

Start by adding a tray or dish, as this will make the space look tidy, and then add a plant, coaster or sculpture. Try to add some height and variety – an orchid oftens work well – but don’t compromise too much on functionality. A coffee table isn’t much of a coffee table if you can’t drink coffee from it.

Here are some picks for your coffee table:

  • Scented candles
  • Small plants
  • Coral decor
  • Coasters
  • Oversized books.

10. Use command hooks to add overhead lighting

You’ve staged your rental home to perfection. Now it’s time to show off your work in its best possible light.

Lamps work wonders. But there’s no need to stop the

Stick a command hook on the corner of your ceiling and run a lighting cord through it. Then stick another command hook above wherever you’d like to hang your light, run your cord through it, and then hang up your lamp shade of choice. Voilà. 


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