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Six tips for an inspiring garden

By Rachel Wallace

Landscaping a perfect garden can add thousands of dollars to your home value and give you enormous pleasure.

The sanctuary of a beautiful garden is priceless for some homeowners, but it can cost a pretty penny if you have to start from scratch. Multiple visits to a garden centre can seriously damage the bank account.

Creating a wonderful garden doesn’t have to be expensive if you follow a few of these ideas and incorporate growing some plants from cuttings.

Design first

Plan your garden to have a pleasing shape and flow. Notice where you have full sun and shade, and consider the best plants for those areas. Don’t rip up your existing yard or garden before you’ve got a plan.

Be sharp

A favourite strategy is to wander around the neighbourhood and snip cuttings from plants you can access from the pavement with a pair of secateurs. It’s best (and polite) to ask the owner first if you can do that.

Mix it up

A mix of annuals and perennials is a great approach, as this will ensure your garden will always have flowers and colour.


Building your flower beds will give your garden its desired shape. As you do this, consider installing a watering system so the garden is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Be patient 

Arguably, the most common mistake is to rush your project. It might take a couple of years, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly your trees, shrubs and flowers will mature.

Anchor plants

A successful garden has one or two plants that will be focal points. These might be olive trees, fruit trees, rhododendrons or hydrangeas. You may want to buy these at various maturity stages to kickstart your project.

Bloom time

Consider when your desired plants may bloom. If you’re strategic, you can have your garden in flower almost every month of the year.

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