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The 5 hottest house gifts to give this festive season

By Rachel Wallace

Summer is fast approaching, which means we’re about to dive head first into the festive season.

It’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift — something for your loved one that’s both practical for the home and ideal for summer occasions.

The best place to start? The kitchen!

From quality cooking appliances, to stylish serving ware and clever kitchen gadgets that are sure to bring the wow-factor, here are five premium kitchen gifts for the home that they’ll never have to buy again.

1. Serving ware

Being invited to someone’s house for a party is a lovely thought, so surprise them with a small token of appreciation with something to share.

And on a hot summers day, there’s not much better than a fresh fruit platter served up on a beautiful piece of serve ware by none other than the household favourite brand Maxwell & Williams.

The ‘Native Blooms’ range by Maxwell & Williams is the perfect gift for summer with a bright design that your host is sure to appreciate for years to come.


2. Staub round cocette

Perhaps you want to impress a soon-to-be-betrothed couple with a superb engagement gift?

A cocotte is sure to do the trick. Basically a fancy French name for a cast-iron cooking pot, cocottes are particularly handy for cooking large amounts of food at once, making them perfect for summer dinner parties.

Staub offer a premium cocotte in sage green for that trendy vintage feel, so you can serve straight from the kitchen to the table in style.


3. Juicer

Juicers make great presents for any gift-giving occasion. Plus, nothing screams summer quite like a refreshing juice.

They’re the perfect gift for people who are health conscious and like the convenience of making their own veggie-packed juices at home. They’re also great for making delicious drinks for the kids.


But with so much choice out there, which juicer is worthy?

The Juice Fountain Plus from Breville is an ideal pick — it’s practical, easy to use and affordable. Plus, it comes with a five-year motor warranty.

4. Wine serving set

We all have someone in our life who’s hard to buy for — they either buy everything themselves, or say they don’t need a gift. So what do you get the tricky person in your life? A gorgeous wine set, of course.


The elegant Harmony 3 Piece Wine Set Gift Box from Krosno is sure to appeal to everyone — from fully fledged wine connoisseurs to those who just have a tipple every now and again.

It also makes the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

5. Philips All-In-One-Cooker

No modern kitchen is complete without an all-in-one-cooker — it’s an essential item that helps you cook up a storm with ease.

One of the best all-in-one cookers on the market is the Philips 8-Litre. It can do all sorts of things — slow cook, pressure cook, saute and sear — offering an endless range of menu options for summer dinners.


It has a durable and anti-scratch pot with ProCeramic coating, heats up 25% faster via superior power and has an easy-to-clean detachable inner lid design — which means less washing up time and more post-dessert chit chat.


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