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The best ways to makeover your bedroom with $5000 (or less)

By Rachel Wallace

Of all the rooms in a home, the bedroom is the one where a modest amount of cash can make the biggest impact when it comes to renovating or remodelling.

We asked two designers for their expert tips on how to beautify your boudoir for $5000 or less.

Create a vision for your bedroom

‘The two most common requests we get from clients are for their bedroom to be a sanctuary or they want the luxe feel of a hotel,’ interior designer Martine Cooper says. Photo: Kip & Co

Martine Cooper, principal designer and director at Martine Cooper Interior Design, says that a strict budget makes it even more vital for you to plan your bedroom renovation carefully before you start.

“The two most common requests we get from clients are for their bedroom to be a sanctuary – a calming, relaxing space they can retreat to – or they want the luxe feel of a hotel, which is often inspired by a recent holiday,” she says.

Both are achievable on a budget, but may involve different approaches, such as sourcing affordable items that appeal to the senses, or by investing primarily in a top-of-the-range bed and some luxurious bed linen.

Colour and interior designer Emma Stergoulis says that whatever your overall goal, it’s important to get the basics right. “Even on a budget, the best plan of action is to invest in quality foundation pieces and then ‘ice the cake’ with what’s left over,” she says.

Bedframes and mattresses

Investing primarily in a top-of-the-range bed and some luxurious bed linen is a good place to start. Piped Linen by Cultiver. Photo: Supplied

Investing in a good bed and mattress makes sense. “Ultimately this is where you spend most time and where a good part of the budget should be allocated. Quality bedding is also key for comfort while sleeping,” says Stergoulis.

“To keep costs down, you could create your own bedhead with fabric or wood, or recover an existing one in a new print,” she adds. Cooper believes a bedhead and frame anchor a room and are the foundation of a bedroom’s design. “If you want a sanctuary feel, select a bedhead in a softer curved shape finished with a linen or bouclé. For a more luxe hotel look, opt for a plusher fabric and oversized bedhead,” she says.

Walls and window coverings

Window coverings are not an item to skimp on. Photo: Fredman Property Group

“When you’re on a budget, the easiest way to update walls in your bedroom is a fresh coat of paint,” says Cooper. “Doing the work yourself means you can allocate the painter budget elsewhere.”

“A lick of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to update a room whether you stick to a neutral throughout or decide to add a bit of colour as a feature wall,” Stergoulis adds.

Window coverings are integral to a bedroom, according to Cooper. “If you’re particularly handy, you can DIY with ready-made tracks, curtains and blinds from retailers like Freedom, Ikea and Spotlight, but this is an area where I would get a professional in if the budget allows,” she says.

Stergoulis agrees that window coverings are not an item to skimp on. “Ideally you need two layers here – a block-out and a sheer. The latter will allow light in but give privacy, particularly if you’re overlooked by surrounding properties.”

Both designers love the texture and interest wallpaper provides in bedrooms but caution about the cost. “An alternative option is to frame samples of boutique wallpaper as art works above your bed,” Stergoulis suggests.

Wardrobes and storage

‘Stores like Ikea have customisable, budget-friendly robe solutions,’ Cooper says. Photo: Channel Nine

“Stores like Ikea have customisable, budget-friendly robe solutions. Or, consider upcycling or buying a vintage robe. It’s a way to add interest, particularly if you’re opting for a retro look,” says Cooper.

Stergoulis recommends scouring second-hand sites and giving new life to an old piece of furniture. “A lick of paint and new handles are relatively inexpensive, and you can create a style that suits you,” she says.

“Don’t forget vertical storage and strategically placed shelves and hooks on the back of doors or inside wardrobes for extra storage space.”

Carpets and rugs

‘Carpets or rugs are a must in a bedroom,’ Cooper says. Photo: Anson Smart

“Carpets or rugs are a must in a bedroom,” Cooper points out. “They soften the space, add another textural element and help soften the acoustics of the room.”

Since carpet can be expensive to replace, Stergoulis suggests covering up tired areas with rugs. “Certainly, in bedrooms with hard floors, rugs are a cost-effective way to provide a softer and cosier effect (especially in the colder months),” she says.

Decor and art

“Keep within budget by visiting local markets where you can buy from emerging artists, or pick up preloved art from vintage shops or auction houses. Bargains can also be found by trawling online marketplaces.” says Cooper.

Other tips for a budget-friendly bedroom refresh

Stergoulis says to use lower-cost alternatives to ‘the real thing’. Easycraft wood panelling. Photo: Easycraft
  • Think ‘dual-purpose’ when working on a budget. “Choose a bedside side table with drawers, a chest of drawers that doubles as a dressing table or a blanket box that also functions as a seat,” says Stergoulis.
  • Use lower-cost alternatives to “the real thing”, Stergoulis suggests. ”I’ve used Easycraft boards for a wood panelling effect with a coastal feel. They’re relatively inexpensive and much easier to install than real panelling.”
  • Look out for warehouse sales held by your favourite suppliers, create a watchlist on Facebook Marketplace and visit vintage markets to help you stick to a tighter budget. “Some of the pieces I’ve picked up this way have ended up being my favourite things in the room,” Cooper says.
  • Don’t discount the idea of professional help. “Many interior designers offer one-off consultations or a fixed-price design service to help you put together a plan for your room. The price of their service can be offset by the cost savings they can access when sourcing furniture and decor,” says Stergoulis.
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