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The top 5 features in Tom and Sarah-Jane’s winning Master Bedroom and Walk-in Robe

By Rachel Wallace

After consistently good feedback three weeks in a row, Tom and Sarah-Jane finally won a Room Reveal with their master bedroom and walk-in robe.

The couple took a cue from their House Decider challenge bedroom for a green-inspired room that was also big on cosy country charm.

Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker loved the room, which captivated them from the moment they stepped inside.

Here are the top five features in Tom and Sarah-Jane’s master bedroom and walk-in robe:

1. Fireplace

A fireplace is perfect for those chilly Gisborne winters. Photo: Nine

Having a fireplace in the master bedroom of a country estate just seems right, and makes the home all the more luxurious.

But you can’t just put any fireplace in and expect it will add to the charm of a room, it needs to look good, be positioned well and provide ample heat.

Tom and Sarah-Jane thought of all those things with the fireplace they put in their master bedroom, and the judges loved it.

Shaynna commented that the bedroom feels like it’s hugging you, and a lot of that warm vibe came from the fireplace.

  • 2. Wall feature
Wainscotting and paint elevates these walls from plain to country comfort. Photo: Nine

When done well, simple designs and ideas can be extremely effective.

Tom and Sarah-Jane have known this from the start of The Block with their approach to the walls in House 1.

They tend to split the walls in two and do some sort of feature on the bottom third and go for a different colour and simpler feature for the top two thirds.

With their master bedroom they chose to hero the olive green colour they used in their House Decider challenge bedroom and use wainscotting to add detail.

The wall behind the bed was completely green with decorative panels, while the other walls were white and green with some wainscotting.

According to Shaynna, this approach is economical and means they can focus on detail in other areas of the space.

“Just doing this chair rail wainscoting and paint everywhere else, not going over the top so that they can actually do the beautiful cornicing. Look at the size of that ceiling rose – stunning,” she said.

3. Scale

Tom and Sarah-Jane’s master bedroom. Photo: Nine

House 1’s master bedroom had a king-sized bed and other big pieces of furniture in it, but instead of feeling crowded and cluttered, it just felt grand and luxurious.

Sarah-Jane explained the theory behind this design approach.

“I put in really big furniture because they say when you have a small room you put big things in it and it makes it look bigger. So I went with that, I ran with that and it actually works,” she said.

The judges agreed with Sarah-Jane on this, but it wasn’t just about the furniture size that made the room seem grand, it was also the high ceiling.

“Everything in here is accentuated,” Darren said of the room.

4. Colour palette

Green looks gorgeous with oranges, reds, greys, browns and white. Photo: Nine

Tom and Sarah-Jane know how to make green work in a room and have nailed it in their challenge bedroom, master ensuite and now their master bedroom.

Olive green is a colour that instantly evokes country style, but it has to be paired with the right complementary colours to look stylish.

To contrast the green, the couple used white on the walls and ceilings. Then to complement both hues, they chose oranges, greys, reds and browns.

It’s not just about the colours though, texture and patterns also help elevate the hero colour.

This is best demonstrated by the bed styling, which has a check bedspread and green throw with check pillowcases, corduroy cushions and a velvet green feature cushion.

This sits on an oak grain rattan bed, which has a distressed look for that traditional country touch.

5. Styling

A glamorous wardrobe with glamorous styling. Photo: Nine

The styling in Tom and Sarah-Jane’s master bedroom was perfect, but it was the walk-in robe styling that really caught the judges’ attention.

“Styling a walk-in robe is not easy and it’s not sexy, but they’ve done it well,” Darren said.

The couple made the walk-in robe look like the closet of an elegant and fashionable resident. It had gold jewellery boxes and stands with gold pieces, a very trendy sneaker collection, puffer jacket, boots and handbags.

And each of these items was in a colour used in the master bedroom, to show continuity in the space and make it feel like part of the suite.

The clothes, shoes and accessories were also hung and folded to perfection, and spaced throughout the robe to tell a story to the buyer.


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