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Tips on how to style a kitchen countertop

By Janice Lopez

Between bulky kitchen appliances, multiple cords and dirty sponges, the kitchen countertop can be a beast of an area to keep clean, much less style with any degree of flair. 

Yet the kitchen countertop is “prime real estate”, according to interior stylist Carol Sae-Yang, meaning unneccessary and unsightly junk has no place on its exclusive surface.

“It’s a high traffic area with lots going on, so when it comes to placing an object on your kitchen counter, make sure that item ticks some boxes,” Carol says.

“Do you use it everyday? Does it look good?” If the answer’s yes, and yes again – there’s no better home for it!

These are Carol’s very best tips for styling a practical and stylish countertop area.

Create a kitchen countertop cluster like a pro…

When styling a kitchen countertop, think about which everyday and useful items actually look good out on display. Stuff like…

  • Plants
  • Wooden boards
  • Cooking oils

Think about a colour featured in tiles or splashbacks to highlight in your cluster. Picture: Tamara Graham

To create a neat cluster, look to a nice marble or timber cutting board to build on as a base.

Bonus – if you need to transport all your everyday items around the kitchen, you can do so just by moving the board.

An attractive cutting board can be a cute and convenient way to hold and move items. Picture: Tamara Graham

So, how do you go from a blank canvas chopping board to a cute little grouping?

Firstly, place the largest object on the board first and the smaller objects around it. Follow these tips for choosing what to put where:

  • Think about functionality – place most used items on the outer edge.
  • Use your favourite splurge items to anchor and set the tone for the collection. (For Carol, this is her ceramic salt and pepper grinders.)
  • Same same but different – choose items based on repetition of texture, colour or shape.

Repetition is a little designer trick we like to use to create impact.

“Repetition is a little designer trick we like to use to create impact. I like to stick with three items of the same texture and group them with other pieces. Try to minimise it to around five to seven items in total, depending on how large your base is,” Carol says.

  • Make sure the objects vary in height – stick with three or four anchor heights.
  • Keep smaller items at the front and taller items at the back.
  • Go green and inject life with a plant, but keep it at the centre as it’s not a ‘useful’ item.

There you have it – a perfectly functional kitchen corner. Picture: Tamara Graham


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