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What Famous Film And TV Homes Would Be Worth, From Offspring and Neighbours to Home Alone

By Rachel Wallace

They’re the iconic and instantly recognisable properties that are home to some of the most beloved fictional characters from film and television.

But just how much would you have to spend to live like Nina Proudman from Offspring or the McCallister family from Home Alone?

This is what some of the most famous homes would be worth.


Located in the heart of Melbourne’s uber trendy Fitzroy, this stunningly style home was where Australian television’s most beloved fictional obstetrician, Nina Proudman, settled with her partner Patrick – before his untimely death – and later their daughter Zoe.

The beautifully styled home was beloved by Offspring fans. Picture: Channel 10

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom property, built in the early 1900s, sits on Napier Street and is one of Victoria’s most popular Airbnb destinations.

But it doesn’t come cheap, commanding $900 per night.

The trendy property was home to Nina Proudman in Offspring’s final seasons. Picture: Channel 10

Going by the recent sales of comparable homes within a stone’s throw of this designer house, like 155 Gore Street, which fetched $1.875 million, and given Fitzroy’s median house price of $1.527 million, it’s safe to say Nina would’ve made a similar sum on her own home.

Packed to the Rafters

Homes to one of TV’s most loveable families, the exteriors of this cottage in Sydney’s inner-west belonged to Dave and Julie Rafter.

The exterior of the inner-western Sydney home was used as the Rafter residence. Picture:

Filmed from 2008 to 2013, the drama remains one of the most popular in Aussie small screen history.

The three-bedroom home at 8 Riverview Street in Concord last sold in December 2013 for $1.535 million.

The cast outside the property. Picture: Channel 7

But prices have soared since then, with the median house price in the sought-after suburb today sitting at $2.342 million.

Home Alone

The sprawling home of the McCallister family from the famed 1990 Christmas film Home Alone is truly something to behold.

When a series of unfortunate events led to eight-year-old Kevin being left behind when his family went on a holiday to Europe, the sprawling property played host to all kinds of antic as he fought off two bungling burglars.

The stunning Chicago property is worth a small fortune. Picture: Airbnb

More than 30 years on from the film’s release, the home at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka is still a popular tourist attraction.

It last sold nine years ago for US$1.585 million (AU$2.3 million).


Pin Oak Court in Vermont South in Melbourne is better known as Ramsay Street, Erinsborough.

It’s one of the country’s most well-known cul de sacs thanks to the long-running Australian television soap, Neighbours, attracting busloads of tourists each day, especially those from Britain.

The street is used as the setting of exterior scenes and two of the homes recently sold.

Number 1 went for $1.6 million in May last year. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home’s outside is best known as one-time home of Toadfish Rebecchi and, years earlier, Mrs Mangel.

The exterior of Susan and Karl’s house. Picture:

Number 5, the home of Neighbours mainstays Karl and Susan Kennedy, was snapped up for $1.405 million two years ago.

The median house price in Vermont South are currently $1.38 million.

Full House

Popular 1990s American sitcom Full House, which had a recent reboot on Netflix, brought world-wide attention to the famed and very expensive Italian-Victorian homes that are icons of San Francisco.

The iconic home from Full House. Picture: Netflix

The one at 709 Broderick Street in Lower Pacific Heights, which was home to Danny Tanner, his children and extended family members, is a three-bedroom, three-level beauty.

It last sold in November 2020 for US$5.35 million (AU$7.45 million) – and the vendor was none other than Full House creator Jeff Franklin.


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